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Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces - The Clouds Break, and Blue Skies Appear

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces - The clouds break, and blue skies appear

We are on the cusp of another one of the planets that went retrograde in the Summer causing the logjam of problems that we have all been sorting through, finally going direct. This time it is Neptune, and it turns in the early hours of tomorrow (29th November 2020) at 00.36 hrs UK time.

Now I have great insight into this particular turnaround, as I was born less than one day before Neptune (moving retrograde in Scorpio) turned direct in 1967. Neptune when I was born was pretty much stationary as it is now, so I am very used to these conditions, as I have lived with them for over 50 years in my natal chart.

I think it gives clarity of thought, especially on matters of spirituality, music and creativity plus I think it brings out the best in the compassionate nature of anyone. There is pure unconditional love here that can be tapped into at any time. My instinct of what will be is often quite uncanny, and yet it comes to me when I am hardly aware of it, leading to a lot of "what if" moments in my own life.

It's funny that I have rarely felt the need to escape. Alcohol is a take it or leave it thing for me, the same with other forms of escapist behaviour. I do need quiet and peace though, and I thrive when given a calm, non confrontational and free environment in which to move and work. All of this is very Neptunian, and I tap into it, and get very upset if I am restricted in any way.

The next few days will open things out, and the fog of deceit on those who have been trying to delude or trick us up will lift, albeit just for a few days, until Neptune starts to move forwards again.
So it is best to breathe in the clear air, absorb the love around you, and take advantage of the clarity that we all have in our hands. It won't last long before it's gone....

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