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Neptune Retrograde – Seeking Inner Peace

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Neptune Retrograde – Seeking inner peace

We are just about to experience one of the most subtle and elusive planetary movements, as Neptune turns retrograde until 1st December. Firstly I think that this retrograde works on a very deep unconscious level. Now to make sense of things you have to look at the part of the chart that Neptune is transiting, and then think back to issues surrounding these areas of life. For example, if Neptune is moving in your 6th house, them matters of health, work, routine or service may be ones where you have existing buried fears, especially from the past. Rather than trying to ignore them or trying to hide them away, Neptune retrograde will slowly bring them to the surface, so that you can tackle them head on. In the wider world, look to things that people have buried or hidden, maybe on purpose because of wrong doing, being exposed to the full glare of public scrutiny.

Neptune at the same time may be eroding and dissolving these areas of life, and over time lessening the responsibilities that you have surrounding those fears, so that over a period of time, and I am suggesting several retrograde patterns or years, those concerns are also eradicated. On the outside nothing may be changing to those around you, Neptune always puts up a smoke screen, but you will understand inwardly that a slow weakening or dissolution is actually going on. What Neptune is doing will be cleaning much that is toxic or neglected in your life, so that spiritually you will be more free in the future, however the whole process may be a painful one, as you undergo this ever so slow and laborious journey.

I suggest that Neptune retrograde will be a time that we will be less outward going than the previous 6 months, and that you may at times want to withdraw in, especially surrounding those areas of life that Neptune is affecting, so that these subtle and necessary changes can occur. Coming to terms with what needs to be sacrificed or eradicated in your life so that other areas can be freed up are sometimes difficult choices, but these are ones that we must make so that we can lessen our inner worries, and be able to have more freedom in the future. Sometimes matters will be taken out of our hands completely to let Neptune do its work, and if this is the case, then make peace with everything, and allow the process to start. Letting go of what burdens us to the whims of fate is sometimes the best decision that we can ever make...

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