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By Uglytruthis

I see you little ballerina child, so ashamed of the night. Daddy tried to buy away his sins with gifts… Mommy never love her. She strived everyday to be good enough to deserve love, yet never reached.


No one taught her how to be clean

No one taught her how to respect

Emptiness was all she knows

Little girl grew up too fast, she lost the youth she wish she had. Her beautiful dance faded with the days. Now she is lost yet grown. Hiding inside the cold walls. The castle she build within her mind. Behind the layers of black eye liner she does hide.

God please wash her sins away, please set her free

Running in circles endlessly

Rescue me

You are not ashamed

You know everything I hide

Take away the guilt and shame

Mend this broken heart

Of the little girl inside

Stay strong <3 you are not alone

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