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 March 16 , Started off This Morning, the Doors Were...

By Myfilmproject09

March 16 , started off this morning, the doors were frozen headed and rushing like crazy. Traffic had 401 and scared and have to use and binder twine or something but I didn't. I didn't. I looked up to Detroit. 85% of callers in favour of strong fines for misuse of American Flag. Interstate 94 coming out of Detroit now; I'm just past the outskirts getting into Dearborn where I went to school 2 years and left. Car seems to car moving effortless, responsive to the gas pedal, wheels aligned and ready, responsive. It was like this in 1977, same highway, same feeling so far so good in 1977, same feeling. So far so good. Let's see what happens, Scared to say it's scared to say, Coming out of Detroit, now. I'm just past, getting into Dearborn. Car same to be effortless along also. scared to say it's going. It was like in 1977 and when you're flying and you say it's going to be a perfect flight. Nobody ever does that. But we shall what happens.

Passing Detroit Metro Airport, reminds me of 1968, my cousin Bill was married. I spent about five or six hours with a girl at the airport, she was from Los Angeles. Like when your flying and you say it's going to the perfect flight. Nobody ever does that I think. Maybe? But we shall five or six hours and waited for her flight, we talked till 7am. Never saw her again. Passing Detroit Metro Airport. Across the freeway I remembered with my ex wife who I always loved and still do and even wrote about her in one of my film scripts. There will be room to think on the highways .Traffic heavy and lots. There will be room to think on the highways, whereas here, you just concentrate all the time with cars and trucks around you. Across the freeway, the Hilton where I stayed with Brenda when we got married. It'' be different in Iowa, where it's not so  crowded, and different in Iowa, not as crowded . About these roads, - will be room to think on the highways whereas you just here you just concentrate all the time on the all the time on the cars and trucks around you.

Breaking another road rule, I only minimally prepare the car for it's long range ordeal. I change of oil and proper  in and that's  it. This, I figure is the true test. See how far she gets. Maybe on a city street in Chicago. I'm not sure what I would do when or if .After all Lewis and Clark didn't know they'd encounter. this is as close as I can make it. The worst thing that could break it. The worst thing could happen is that it could happen is that it could break down half a mile Toronto. This would not be inconvenient, it could be  of us regarding feminists. I've always been ben curious and always cars and ships are referred to the feminists. I remember interviewing a retired train engineer who, when he started describing sweet "old sweetheart" When I asked him why he called it that , he said it was simply she said simply because she deserve could spend a hot evening.

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