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NASCAR Driver Michael McDowell Succeeding on Keto

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

NASCAR driver Michael McDowell succeeding on keto

Is a ketogenic diet the next big thing in sports? NASCAR driver Michael McDowell recently opened up about his experiences after starting a keto diet a few months ago.

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McDowell had felt that he was not performing his best on the track, so he decided to make a change. He found the keto diet and even though he was suspicious about eating all that fat (and saturated fat), the results spoke for themselves. Besides losing over 40 pounds (18 kg), he has also experienced the benefits of mental clarity and elevated energy levels. He explains:

The benefits of it have been great on all fronts from good stamina in the race car, good mental clarity throughout the day and through the race and probably the biggest thing has been recovery after the races. I would have a headache every time I would get out of the race car. I've had that for 10 years. As I switched to this keto diet, I'm not hungry and I don't have a headache after the race, which is a huge, huge deal.

McDowell is not the only NASCAR driver enjoying the benefits of a keto diet. Our friends, Matt and Megha over at Keto Connect, interviewed NASCAR driver Matt Tifft on their Keto for Normies Podcast. In the episode, they talk about the benefits Tifft has had on the keto diet, on the track as well as off it.


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