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Nail of the Day: Models Own

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone, well i did it again, i thought it was wednesday today not yesterday, durrr.
so sorry =[, what im talking about today is models own. Its from the hedkandi collection and is called balearic cool.
nail of the day: models own
nail of the day: models own (without flash)
nail of the day: models own (with flash)
i think i have decided i don't like models own, i will still buy them because you know, there nail varnishes but i don't like the consistency. The brush is ok, and the colours are like to die for, but its sooo watery, it is trying to apply water on your nails and then waiting for it to dry before applying another layer
i think i had to do about 4 coats, and its still not 100% opaque =[ its not fair, the colour is amazing, its like neon blue, it makes my fingers like long and thin, which is a plus :D
what do you think? do you like them? see you xx

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