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Naftali Bennett – Ultra Conservative with Power on His Mind.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Naftali Bennett

I love it when I come across a character that many people in the world have not heard of, and suddenly he springs into the limelight. Naftali Bennett could be one of those cases. If you have not heard about him, trust me you will. This man could become a really big player very soon in the Middle East. Just to set the scene, Naftali is the son of Jewish immigrants from San Francisco and he has risen to prominence through becoming the leader of the young political party in Israel, “Jewish Home”. He is reportedly electrifying the elections in Israel and his party could hold the balance of power after Tuesday, a force without which Binyamin Netanyahu will not be able to hold onto the premiership. At only 41 years of age, Naftali is “the rising star” of Israeli politics as well as being a controversial voice which is growing day by day in stature.

NaftaliBennett natal

Naftali Bennett was born on 25th March 1972 in Haifa, Israel – I do not as yet have a confirmed birth time for him. Even without a birth time, this is one hell of a chart!! The Sun is in Aries and his Moon is in Leo, a fiery combination which wants to be first and and does not want to be ignored. This man loves being in the spotlight and he loves power too. A couple of other things to notice about this chart before I move on. There are no planets in water signs, thus little emotion so a lack of feeling lies here and he is a mover and a shaker with 5 planets in cardinal signs including his Sun. Cardinal souls like to be ahead of the game, and if the polls in Israel are true, that is where this Naftali Bennett is right now.

The Sun opposes Pluto and squares onto Jupiter in Capricorn. This is ambition upon ambition, expansive, successful and money making too. Naftali is a dot com millionaire who has already made his fortune. He sold his internet security software company founded in 1999 for a cool $145 million in 2005, so in financial terms he is already made for life. There are several oppositions on this chart and one of them sees Uranus, the planet of technology, opposing Mercury, the planet of information and communication – here is the motivational aspect that lead him into the internet world. Pluto’s quindecile to Mercury brings a deep interest in going under the surface of any issue and getting to the root cause of any situation. Ally this with a technological understanding, and one realises that this would be a big part of his life.

This man will a very powerful orator, he will will be very progressive in his views yet very dogmatic at the same time, he will express a new agenda with this Mercury Uranus opposition across a cardinal axis (Aries to Libra), not only connecting to his own views (Mercury in Aries) but also being progressive and a voice of change in the mind of others (Pluto and Uranus in Libra). Both these planets are retrograde and this brings a feeling of going against the grain, and in his ultra right wing stance especially in his strident opposition to the Palestinians and the two state solution, he may be hitting a chord with the silent majority in Israel. This opposition focuses onto the Moon in Leo, bringing his passionate emotions and a sense of drama in the way he speaks to the people. 

Naftali served in the Israeli Defence forces and still holds the rank of a major. In his chart, Saturn the planet of ambition sits next to Mars in a powerful conjunction. This Saturn obviously shows a military (Mars) career (Saturn) that is dear to his heart. This is a very determined and hard working combination that knows no other way to get to the top other than toiling all the hours God made. He will know there are no short cuts to success. Saturn is in Gemini so this is a man who does not do small talk, and will not interested in frivolous subjects. Mars in is Taurus which is incredibly stubborn, hard line, determined and relentless one’s pursuit of ones goals. He will not stop until he gets the power and international fame that Pluto opposite the Sun square to Jupiter needs. This conjunction sits sextile to the Sun and trine to Pluto, so the power of this Sun Pluto axis in the chart is focused onto Saturn Mars and Jupiter. Do not underestimate the powerful nature of this axis, it is all or nothing and will not stop until those ambitions are achieved and met.

Mars Saturn and Venus make oppositions and a quindecile across to Neptune in Sagittarius. Venus and Mars together and not very happy bed fellows as here we have the planet of relating (Venus) in conjunction with the planet of action (Mars). Often they come across very strong in trying to relate, and these people with this conjunction do tend to divide opinions in a powerful manner; it seems like Naftali already does.

Neptune in the sign of Sagittarius is an expansive influence on this planet of faith, of suffering and of the collective, and the opposition to Saturn may put questions in his mind in finding a balance between  his spiritual beliefs and the material and ambitious world of politics. His message, which will be stern, will reach out across to those of his Jewish faith, and he will get support and opposition I think in equal measures from those who follow him and those who don’t. Venus opposite to Neptune brings extreme compassion for those he sees suffering, in this case those Jews displaced by the Palestinian people. Mars brings action, to this combination and Saturn in Gemini wants to consolidate all those parts of his country that has been broken up and scattered. Can you see the picture I am putting together? He ultimately wants to protect his homeland, (I would not be surprised if he had a Cancer Ascendant) and unify those Jews in Israel and take back what he sees as rightfully theirs. On the Cancer ascendant possibility, just consider the party that he has joined, “Jewish Home”, his internet company was a “security” based company, he served in the Jewish “defence” forces, all buzzwords associated with Cancer.

This Saturn Neptune opposition focuses onto his natal Sun. The Sun Neptune trine shows he is a true idealist, a man of compassion in his eyes, a man of spirituality and a man of the people. This Neptune is also a focus point off of the Sun Pluto opposition. The way he will see achieving these ideals or dreams will be through personal power  and control. Trust me, putting this all together makes a very dangerous cocktail of views, especially for someone who may have considerable influence in the future over the most volatile place on planet Earth.

NaftaliBennett transits

So what are Naftali’s and Jewish Home’s prospects for the elections on Tuesday? Well they look good. The Sun on the day of the election will be bang on his North Node trine to Pluto the planet of power and also trine to his Mars Saturn conjunction. With Uranus on his natal Sun square to lucky Jupiter these elections will bringing shock and surprise news to him. I think he will be the new stand out candidate who will garner a lot of support. Mercury will be sextile his Sun bringing opportunities from the polls, and with Venus square to his Mercury Uranus opposition I think that his message will be well received. I would not be surprised to see him as the dominant second party in a new tough and more conservative Netanyahu government. A position of power from which he will want to springboard himself to yet greater heights. Remember from the natal assessment above, this guy will not stop, that Taurus Mars will keep on trucking and rolling along until it gets to it’s destination. Next stop I believe will be to challenge for the top job.

Israel Bennett

On the above chart I have plotted Israel’s planets against Naftali’s ones on the outer ring. Notice that his Sun (energy and personality) makes a trine to the Israeli Moon (the people) showing popularity and his Neptune makes a trine to the Moon as well, his compassion, religious and collective views will get through to them in a powerful way. Israel’s Sun and Naftali’s Venus sit conjunct which is harmonious and shows compatibility and good relations. His Moon most probably sits on the hard line Israeli Saturn Pluto conjunction in the 10th house of the rulership of the nation, and his Mercury makes a double trine to this conjunction, his message and his emotions ring through and connect with those in authority and those who have power. His Uranus (the innovative and reformist line he takes) at the other end of that opposition in his chart feeds into these two powerful planets via a sextile. This shows his influence will be keenly felt in the future.

Now there are two aspect I am worried about here. Naftali’s Saturn Mars conjunction makes a square to the Israeli Mars, which is rather dangerous and aggressive. If he ever was in power when this aspect is activated, he would not show in any restraint in using brutal force. Think of this from a man with little emotion in his chart to call upon, a current soldier and former commando who has used force before. It’s a somewhat scary thought. Secondly, his South Node sits over the Israeli Moon. The South Node is a point of familiarity, one which the people would feel at ease with. This aspect suggests to me that Naftali and the Israeli people are fated to lie in the same bed together.

The thing is, the South Node is a point of detriment, one to which you are drawn, but one which can dig up old fears & old problems. This position of Moon and South Node reminds me of the old Joy Division song, “Love will tear us apart again”. The song’s title is self explanatory, and I fear that this would be a relationship that would eventually drag Israel back to square one. For all the long suffering people of that region, both Jewish and Palestinian, I truly hope not…

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