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#MyHappyMonday Tuesday Edition

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
I know...
Today isn't exactly "Monday"... but I had an English exam yesterday AND I had to work sooooooo #MyHappyMonday quickly became #MyBusyMonday so instead of writing something crappy and quick, I decided to wait until today to post for #MyHappyMonday.
#MyHappyMonday Tuesday EditionToday I'm super happy. I don't know why really. I woke up not having to go to class this morning (it's exam week! No class until Thursday morning!), and even though the weather is really crappy here in Toronto....
#MyHappyMonday Tuesday Edition... you see that correctly. Snow. Yesterday it was 20 degrees outside and today it's -7. Anyways, I was happy because this weather really encourages not being outside and being PRODUCTIVE indoors!! This is exactly what I needed today. I've already been somewhat productive... but here is my list of things "to-do" today..
1. Food prep
2. Blog
3. Clean the condo a little bit
4. Study
5. Workout
6. Answer e-mails
So I've crossed off almost 3 things (blogging is something I'm currently doing... so let's say it's.. half done) on my list already and it's just after 10am! Not bad!!
When I look back on how I've ate the last few years.... a few things come to mind. Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free... I've tried everything. In the past couple of weeks however I've really been paying close attention to what has been upsetting my stomach and my body and what hasn't. When I was personal training, I learned that I can't digest broccoli well AT ALL. It made me swell up so big and made me so gassy, I quickly learned that it happens to a lot of people actually. So I've cut broccoli out since it just does not agree with me. Lately though, I've noticed that dairy has really been kicking my ass.
I don't tend to eat a lot of dairy. I usually have cream in my morning coffee and the odd time I'll snack on some cheese because I LOVE CHEESE. But there has been a couple of times where I've had a little bit of ice cream after dinner and it sends my digestive system into pure chaos. I'm going to be blunt about it, but basically I fart and burp and it's just plain old disgusting. Even yesterday, I tried to eat a small bowl of cream of mushroom soup and a couple of spoonfulls in, I set my bowl down and lied on the couch because my stomach really hurt.
So that's fine. Dairy doesn't agree with me, so this morning I put almond milk in my coffee instead of cream. So far so good! I'm diagnosing myself as a bit lactose intolerant. Yes, correct, I'm diagnosing myself. Am I a doctor? Far from it... but if something makes me swell and gassy, well I can assume my body doesn't really enjoy it. There are some seriously interesting stats on lactose intolerance, did you know?
- Lactose intolerance affects more than 7 million Canadians, but probably more because some people won't associate their symptoms with lactose intolerance.
- 25% of people with lactose intolerance also have celiac disease (allergy to gluten).
#MyHappyMonday Tuesday Edition- 33% of all people are lactose intolerant
- 90% of Asian-American's are lactose intolerant.
(source) (source)
Some symptoms of lactose intolerance or dairy allergies are:
- Abdominal pain 30ish minutes after consuming dairy
- Diarrhea and gas after consuming dairy
- Headaches and nausea
- Acne, rashes, eczema
- Constipation
- Mucus buildup
I love being in tune with my body enough to recognize when something isn't sitting right with it. That makes me REALLY happy on this #MyHappyMonday Tuesday Edition. I'm hoping my stomach problems and digestive problems subside quickly now that I've taken dairy completely out of my diet. Bah. I'm really going to miss cheese.
For those of you who don't have something crazy specific to share like me finding out I can't have dairy (and it making me happy to not have stomach pain!), here are some questions you might want to answer for #MyHappyMonday.
What was the first thing that made you smile today?What are you most looking forward to about today?
What is your favorite thing about this Monday?Exercise increases endorphins! Do you use exercise to improve your mood? If you could have a 1-on-1 dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be, and why would it make you happy?
Remember to link-up below! I don't have high hopes for the numbers in the linkup today because I'm a day behind, but I'm going to try! :)


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