Self Expression Magazine

My Way of Life

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

Thankful for a brighter day risen over yesterday

Being productive is a way of life if you inherit the drive

There’s no excuses to finding the solution

Life is a gamble without “God” there’s no sight

Impressions are given one attempt draw your cards right

Were bond to prosper from ups and downs

Don’t be depressed  let all the pain rest

Firm as the “Great-Wall”  Tho I rise as I fall

“The Lord is the spotlight”

Treat him right and you’ll “shine through life”

Once remained in pieces attaining a heart of glass

To succeed into your  future you have to bury the past

What we call life is filled with surprises

Never let society suppress you from rising

A day without faith allows sin to intake

If you strive to walk be able to embrace the fall

You have to crawl to reach your destination jog

Life is easy when you get to know it

Keep your faith with the “Almighty Lord”

Know your blessings will come down as you rise


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