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My Twitter Recap With SCHEÈ

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

By now, with all of the promoting on Facebook and Twitter, you probably know we had our Valentine’s Day Outfit Twitter Chat with SCHEÈ on Sunday.
Excitingly, we had a great turnout with more participants than we had anticipated! It was such a blast answering all of your style questions and interacting with everyone. I hope you all received the style advice you were looking for!

Below are a few questions I personally thought were great, and could be helpful for anyone!

@kekirby: Is it too cliche to wear red or pink on valentine’s day? #scheesouffle

@JosieAlexandra: Hey Kaitlyn! Not necessarily, just don’t overdo it! Adding just a splash (red or pink scarf, red lipstick) is ideal! #ScheeSouffle

@WhoIsSchee: No way Josè (<— now that’s cliche) Play around with different hues, like @pantone‘s Radiant Orchid! #scheesouffle

@Maura433: @JosieAlexandra @WhoIsSchee Looking for a cute V-Day outfit I can wear to work & out for drinks afterwards, Any suggestions?

@JosieAlexandra: Great question! How about a pencil skirt, heels, and a fun blouse! Be sure to accessorize! #ScheeSouffle

@WhoIsSchee: A patterned blouse with a statement necklace is definitely the way to go! #ScheeSouffle


@kayla_neff: What is the perfect outfit for a Valentine’s date at home? #scheesouffle

@JosieAlexandra: How about comfortable leather leggings and a sexy red-hued camisole or flowy top!

@WhoIsSchee: A long sleeved maxi is the best way to stay comfortable AND super sultry! #ScheeSouffle


Again, thank you all SO much for participating, and a huge thanks to SCHEÈ for partnering with us! If you ever have any style questions, you can always e-mail us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help!
xo -Josie
[email protected]

My Twitter Recap With SCHEÈ

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