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"My Teacher Hates Me!"

By Mohamedmedo

How to react when when your child comes home complaining that the teacher doesn't like himBy Lynn Petrak

How should you react when when your child comes home complaining that the teacher doesn't like him? First, don't overlook the possibility of a misunderstanding, a rough day, or even bad behavior on your child's part. But sometimes, certain kids and teachers just don't click. What you can do:Talk to your child. "Explain that over the years, he's going to have teachers with different styles -- and he still has to try his best," says Ron Clark, author ofThe Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator's Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child. "Don't be negative about the teacher in your home, either."Try to get involved. "Visit the class to see what's going on. Offer to chaperone trips. The teacher may end up being more supportive because you're taking interest," says Clark.Schedule a meeting. If your child's complaints persist, or if you're unhappy with what you're hearing from his teacher, ask if you can set up a conference. But respect the teacher's point of view, and don't accuse her of anything. Try to brainstorm ways for your child's school experience to be more positive.Approach the principal as a last resort. Involve the higher-ups only if you're seriously concerned about your child's education, and tell the teacher what you're doing first.

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