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My Success Story with Katrin Crum

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Katrin was diagnosed as being morbidly obese, and was suffering from a number of health issues. She had tried a lot of different diets over the years but nothing had worked long term. We met up with Katrin on the Low Carb Cruise 2018 for an interview. Here's also how Katrin ended up on the Low Carb Cruise, in her own words:

My name is Kat and I've been invited by my friend Jimmy Moore to attend the Low Carb Cruise as his guest. I'm so excited! I'm excited to learn and to share with others in the wonderfully supportive low/carb/keto community and I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!

I received an email that said you were looking for low carb/keto success stories and people who are willing to share their stories with others, so I wanted to respond to that call and share my story with you to see if it could possibly encourage and inspire others.

To say that switching to a low carb/keto diet changed my life is really an understatement, as it actually SAVED my life! I was diagnosed as being morbidly obese, tipping the scales at 307 pounds (139 kilos). I had high blood pressure that the doctor could not control even with two different medications. I was diagnosed with PCOS, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, low thyroid function and sleep apnea. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded and I was constantly exhausted. I knew I was on my way to diabetes, a heart attack, stroke and early death if I didn't make a serious change in my life. So, I decided to try a low carb/keto diet.

Maybe I wasn't a failure, but the previous diets had failed me.

I had tried every diet under the sun over the years, only to find the cravings for sugar and carbs would be so overwhelming, I couldn't stick to it long enough to see real success. I thought I was a failure but then I started researching low carb/keto and I realized maybe I wasn't a failure, but the previous diets had failed me.

So, I began my low carb/keto diet and to my amazement, my cravings for sugar and carbs began to disappear. My appetite, which had raged out of control, was suddenly diminished and I thought to myself, "Wow! I can do this!" My energy level soared, my mental clarity increased and my fatigue began to lift. I started feeling better than I had in years!

In the span of a year and a half, I lost 150 pounds (68 kilos) naturally using a low carb/keto diet! I went from 307 pounds to 157 pounds (139 pounds-71 kilos)! My high blood resolved itself naturally and I was able to get off all high blood pressure medications. And all of my other ailments resolved themselves as well! I not only lost weight but restored my healthy eating this way. And, I have maintained my weight loss for a year continuing with my low carb/keto way of eating.

People ask me all the time how I lost the weight and I am always happy to share my story. I hope my journey can encourage and inspire others to change their life and health for the better by switching to a low carb/keto diet.

Thanks so much!


Katrin Crum: My husband made me feel like the prettiest girl in the room at 307 pounds. But he was very concerned about my health. I was well on my way to an early death, stroke or heart attack. And I've gone to a lot of different doctors over the years.

About the video

Recorded at The Low Carb Cruise conference in May 2018. Published in February 2019.
Interviewer: Kristie Sullivan
Camera operators: Simon Victor, Mattias Lindberg and Jonatan Victor
Light: Simon Victor
Sound: Simon Victor
Editing: Harianas Dewang


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    My success story with Katrin Crum

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