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My Secret Sauce

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting


I’m not talking about pasta sauce today, I’m talking about knowledge I have that makes me ninja, specialized and skilled to do the job and make it seem easy.

We all have it, the secret sauce, the trick is knowing what that sauce is and using it to the best of our ability.

So what is my secret sauce?

It’s my confidence in the abilities that I have, it’s knowing where to find the answer and the willingness to admit I don’t know everything.  My ability to find the answer is keen and my humble approach to make your question an easy response is just a skill set that’s been honed in on over my life time.

I’ve told many of my colleagues that waitressing and bar tending are great skills to start any career off with, just as I have done in the past. Skills learned in a hectic environment, to know what people want and how to easily provide it are priceless.

I read constantly in my spare time (it’s what helps me to be Ninja). One blog I learn from often is that of . He inspires me and I really enjoyed a recent blog titled “A Tested Social Media Success Formula: Talk as Yourself, Not about Yourself” .  Thanks Dan.

Find your secret sauce and put it into action.  If you can not find the skill, why struggle on your own?  Seek out someone with the skill set you need and put them to work.

My sauce will never be a recipe, it’s just in me so hand me the pasta ~

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