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My Salon Experience Review: Paul Henri (Aveda Salon)

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
I really hesitated to write this review as I support anything with the Aveda mark on it.  I believe in the business ethos, the natural ingredients, and the holistic and earthy approach to beauty products.  But it stops there to be honest. I have frequented Aveda spas and salons for close to 5 years now.  Each and every time, it has been great, but unfortunately, I can't say that my experience was the same with the Paul Henri Aveda salon in Ipswich.
The first time I went there was roughly 4 months ago.  My haircut was way too short, and I left feeling like a boy.  I chalked it up to having a entry level stylist, because I was tight on cash that trip.  So, this previous trip, I was determined to have a senior stylist cut my hair.  I won't mention names on this review, but just know that this is a senior stylist that I am reviewing.  At a whopping £38.95 for a hair cut, I expected a lot more from a senior stylist. 
The first problem was the condition of the salon when I arrived.  England is experiencing their summers, and needless to say that it has been HOT!  Not only did the salon not turn on their A/C, but the door wasn't even propped open.  I should have walked out immediately, but I was desperate for a hair cut, so I just dealt with the heat.  Next, the senior stylist was in a foul mood, because she said that their system was down.  Ok sistah, I get that it's stressful, but it ain't my fault the system is down so a smile would have been great.  The hair wash, hair cut, and check out lasted 30 minutes total.  She did a rush job on everything.  I asked her if she thought the cut suited me, and she really couldn't be bothered to engage in any conversation with me.  How odd is that? A hair stylist that doesn't talk to their customer?  I was so put off by this point.  I asked her to layer the back of my hair a bit more for volume, and she couldn't be assed to do that either, giving me some lame excuse as to why, but the truth was, she just couldn't be bothered as her mind was clearly on something else and stressed.  Also, I do expect hair stylist to take care of their own hair.  The senior stylist had a rag on her hair, where she obviously couldn't be bothered to do it, so to make a half ass attempt at looking stylish, she put on a hippie rage as a headband.  Seriously?  If you are in the hair industry, you should give a damn about your own hair.  That was the 2nd red flag that I ignored, and I wish I didn't.
The only plus side to this is that when I asked the receptionist for samples, she gave me a handful.  Otherwise, this experience would have been completely shit.
My Salon Experience Review: Paul Henri (Aveda Salon)
Oh well, I won't be returning back to Paul Henri which is a shame as I love the fact that they use Aveda products.  So my quest for a half decent hair salon continues. 
So that is my experience with the Paul Henri salon on Upper Brook Street. CONS: Overpriced and Inexperienced staff members. PROS:  Centrally located and uses amazing Aveda products.

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