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My Next Race!

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

Before I talk about the title of my post (!) I’ll give you a brief weekend update!

Thursday (I know, not the weekend.) was my baby cousin’s graduation! This fall she’ll be off to college to get all smart n’ stuff.

sydnie graduation family cousins

From L to R: Cousins Matt & Syd, me. Apparently I have no eyebrows.

After her graduation and dinner, I helped my aunt with grad night decorating (she was on the grad night team). Didn’t get home until well after midnight so Friday was fun…

Friday I saw some open houses but didn’t see any “winners.” And then Kyle was super sweet and cooked us fajitas for dinner! Our evening concluded with a couple episodes of Homeland. Love those quiet evenings in!

No real running for the weekend because my knee hurt a smidge on Friday. On Saturday I walked on the treadmill at an incline for ~50 min. and then jogged for 1 mile just to see how she was doin’. No pain (knock on wood)!

Now on to my next race!!

Last night I signed up for a local 10K race, Run San Ramon.

Since my Santa Cruz Half, I haven’t been super motivated to run hard. Plus with my battle to find running shoes and then subsequent knee pain, everything sort of got put on hold. I knew I needed to sign up for a race to get my butt back into shape!

My aunt told me about the Run San Ramon event, and I thought it was just what I needed! The race is on the 4th of July and I’m excited for a few reasons:

  1. 4th of July race = I get to dress patriotic and run with other strangers who want to show their patriotism too
  2. I’ve never done a race on a holiday
  3. It’s local (~15 min away) so I don’t need to get up super early
  4. I’ve never done a 10K race

Now I know I’m out of shape so I shouldn’t have any time goals. But lesbihonest

My next race!

Anyone else think about this quote anytime you/others say, “Let’s be honest?” No? Just me?

I have a goal. My A goal is 55 min flat (I know, slow for most of you speedsters) which is roughly an 8:51 pace. I haven’t thought about my B and C goals yet. I’ve already created a running plan and I’m excited to start training!

Ever done a 4th of July race?

Have you done a 10K race? Have any tips for this newb? (I’ve only done 5K’s and Half Marathons)

How was your weekend?

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