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My Make-up Bag May 2012

By Whattowearfor @whattowearfor

So as this is my first beauty post, I thought I would give you an insight into my beauty regime – starting with my make-up bag. In truth, my make-up bag is actually a box filled with once-used products. But, I’ll keep this post simple and show you the must-have items I wear on a daily basis.

My everyday make-up is quite simple, and very quick and fuss-free to save time getting ready in the morning. For nights out and other special occasions, I usually wear a lot more – watch out for a future post.

I always wash my face in the mornings with Olay Essentials Refreshing Face Wash – its literally the best face wash ever. Suitable for normal, dry or combination skin, its the one I’ve ever tried and managed to stick with. Its also very reasonable at under £2.

The first thing I apply is my foundation. At the moment I’m using Lancôme Photogénic Lumessence which I have to say is very good. Its a light foundation so is perfect for everyday wear when you don’t need full coverage. About 2 pumps is enough to cover my face. I invested in a Clinique foundation brush (I think its important to have good quality make-up brushes) and I use the back of my hand as a palette to blend the foundation.

I have quite bad dark circles under my eyes so I mix Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat with Maxfactor Pan Stik to make sure they’re less noticeable. Both products are a cut above other products designed to do the job.

Next step: Bronzer. This is Clinique’s Almost Bronzer. It comes in a nifty little compact which has a mirror and a compartment containing a brush. The bronzer consists of two shades which you can blend together as you wish.

My Make-up Bag May 2012
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My Make-up Bag May 2012
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My Make-up Bag May 2012
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Finally, its all about the eyes. I always make sure I curl my eyelashes with eyelash curlers before applying any mascara. Currently I’m using Maxfactor Masterpiece in rich black. Its a thin mascara so coats lashes to leave a delicate fan, good if you want a subtle effect. After applying my mascara, I use a cotton bud to clear up any mistakes, then recurl my eyelashes. Sometimes I might apply a second coat but only if I have time. Most days I then finish off with a liquid eyeliner on the top lid only. This one is the L’Oreal Superliner Luminizer Eyeliner for green eyes. I like this liquid eyeliner as it is very easy to apply and has a tint to accentuate the colour of your eyes. There’s also a mascara version which I plan to try at some point.

I tend not to bother with lip colour as I don’t feel this suits me, but I do always wear lipbalm, usually Vaseline or Nivea HydraCare.

And that’s about it. Well, for now anyway. In truth, I change my make-up routine regularly so will probably post again in a few months with an update to my look.  Stay tuned. x x x

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