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My Instagram Diary: #Koality, Tea, Marble & Roses (Dec 15 Part I)

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
My Instagram Diary: #Koality, Tea, Marble & Roses  (Dec 15 Part I)

The last month of the year is all about ticking off goals while looking after myself, as well as spreading jolly positive vibes to people around me. What does this festive month mean to you? With so much happenings in my fave (and most hectic) month of the year, I thought I'd give you a mini wrap up of the #LacenRufflesLife that was in this Instagram Diary post series. I'd love to know what you're getting up to too so let's be Insty buddies (@ julietsjuju)! 🙌😎

Monday starts off on point when it involves #marble and #roses! 🌹👌 Week Three in my Shop A Docket bargain shopping challenge (you can check out my previous ones here & here), I treated myself to this decadent baked marble cheesecake from The Cheesecake Shop. I spied this Shop A Docket coupon deal which gives $10 off any full sized cakes at their Cooporooo bakery. 🙌 #WIN - you can call me the bargain queen! Okay, I admit this isn't my typical Monday treats and I haven't betrayed my beloved acai bowls. I live by the 80/20 rules to allow myself to dive into chocolates, donuts and peanut butter responsibly and in moderation. After all, life is a balancing act! Who'd agree?

Oh hey, you sleepy head! 🐨🌳📷 There's a certain charm about these furry balls that make them one of most Instagrammed celebrities in Australia. We just can't tell precisely what that was, so we Queenslanders just hashtag it with #koality. Yep, they don't quite have a heart-melting smiley face like their Western Australian natives quokkas ( you have to check it out here if you haven't seen a quokka selfie!), nor do they have that infectious stream of energy like a kangaroo hopping around. But they're kind of a big thing here, and their laidback, #Mondayitis vbes just got me hooked. I snapped this sleepy head at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and you can check out my other happy animal snaps here on this post.

Pine, sweet pine! 🍍🍍🌵😎 Whenever I get home from travel, the one thing that I'd be dying to do is to stock up fruit and veggies pnatry from the local farmers' markets. This is my Sunday routine too. I just love mingling with the locals, shop local and play local. Why not when your shopping dollars all go back towards building a caring, close-knit community that you're a part of? What more to love, when it comes to fresh produce like fruits and veggies, shopping locally from the farmgate direct does make a huge difference in taste. They always taste sweeter and crisper from the markets.

Because it's always tea o'clock somewhere! 👌☕⌚🍮

So this proud mumma bear has been showing her tribe her treasured newborn Julisa! 💚💚 Have you already seen my previous post on my personal journey launching this body-caring 5-free and vegan-friendly nail polish range? It all started a bit more than 12 months ago when I had a sickness that triggered me to detoxify my entire beauty cabinet. Bringing you, my friends and family a range of beauty products that I can wholehearted trust and recommend has been an absolute dream, and I couldn't believe it has come alive! I'm currently hosting a giveaway here on this post so be sure to enter if you haven't already - you'd be so silly to miss out!

My Instagram Diary: #Koality, Tea, Marble & Roses  (Dec 15 Part I)

Be bold, be beautiful in your own way! 👌👊🌵🌵 I have a thing for these adorable succulents that come in 50 shades of green. Building a small succulent garden is surely going to make it onto my list of home DIY projects for the new year! These little babes are easy as peas to look after - I don't have a green thumb yet I managed to create a few of these miniature succulent terrariums. They can survive for a week or two without watering so if you're a frequent jet-setter like I am, they're the last thing to worry about when you just take a short trip and leave them home.

So, amongst all the buzz around 'fake', 'manipulated' Instagram life I have to say there's nothing inauthentic indeed about this picture - I wholeheartedly adore these crispy pineapple buns that are my childghood favourites! 😂😝👌🍴 #Liveauthentic. A #latergram from my recent travel to Hong Kong that has certainly left my tastebuds invigorated for days...

So tell me dear lovelies, what are some of your fave snaps of the week from your own Instagram Diary? Share your #LacenRufflesLife moments with me on Insty and let's hang!😎😎

Till next time. Stay classy.

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My Instagram Diary: #Koality, Tea, Marble & Roses  (Dec 15 Part I)

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