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My *Hair Whisperer*

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
Once upon a time my Mom was a phenomenal hair stylist. To prove it, she got a job right out of beauty school working for a French salon on Madison Ave. She was a great stylist but really shined as a colorist, as she was able to memorize each of her clients customized color formulas.
Yes, I said "every single one." My Mom is fierce, I know! (2 snaps & a wink)
Although she would only high light my hair every now and then, I knew for sure my Mama could "werque" her shears! Woowee! She always had my hair looking flashbulb ready & flawless! Layers, bangs, blow outs, you name it! So much so that people would stop us on the street to ask who did my hair. True Story.
When I was little, my Mom left the beauty world behind to pursue other business ventures but she remained on board as my very own personal "Glam Squad." She's so good that I didn't entertain the idea of another stylist touching my hair until I was about 22. In other words, I was completely spoiled!
I was fortunate enough to find an amazing guy, (Hi Medo!!) to work his magic on me but I'm extremely particular about my hair. Borderline obsessive! Every time I've ventured out of my "comfort zone" & let a stranger cut it, I've regretted it.
This little intro was to just to let you know what we're working with here, as far as my expectations as a client!
I met Molly through a friend this summer and I liked her right away. She's beautiful, witty and has this "Jackie O" composure about her yet she's extremely humble at the same time. The way she says, "Oh hunny" so nonchalantly is enough to reel in even the biggest sourpuss. As soon as she told me she was a Hair Stylist at the fabulous Boujis Salon & Spa, no less, I took a closer look.
It's my belief that if you wish to obtain a "visual" service, you should always give the professional in question a once over to see what their look is all about. What's it saying?
For example, I get a lot of Brow clients b/c they like how mine are shaped.
You are your own best advertisement!
A few years ago, I was looking to hire a personal trainer but the gym suggested a trainer who was scrawny, with skinny legs and weak muscle tone.  (Womp, Womp) I knew right away it wouldn't be a good fit for me.
My guess is that if you can't figure out what looks best on yourself, chances are you don't have much to offer potential clients. You must have a visible connection to your work. Am I right, or am I right?
Well, having said that, my Ms. Molly has it going on! She's quiet at first but once you sit in her chair, she's totally charming. I realized she's quiet b/c she's taking you in but more importantly she's....listening!
She's focused on you and has excellent communication skills!
Those 2 things are important to me as a client because I need to know you're listening to me!!
I can't tell you how annoying it is to get your hair done and your stylist is talking to someone else, leaving their station or looking around. It's like, "Hello?! Am I not sitting in your chair? Focus!!"
Molly is very professional and dives right in. She's been in the business for over 20 years, although she looks like she's still in her 20's, so she knows her way around any salon. She's very graceful & makes you feel at ease right from the start.
Right before I met her I had just gotten my hair cut by a new stylist. I'm sure we know what happened next. This girl gave me a choppy, layered look. Ugh! It was like I had 2 different hair cuts. Thank God my hair's long enough that I was able to style around it! Molly's been working those layers out while keeping true to my original vision. Gotta love that!
I'm constantly referring people to go see her so they too can pamper themselves with this indulgent experience!
Her rates are incredibly reasonable and believe me, she's worth every cent, and then some.
I had a visit with her this week & it would not have been complete without a few piccys!!
My *Hair Whisperer*
My *Hair Whisperer*
My *Hair Whisperer*
My *Hair Whisperer*
My *Hair Whisperer*
So there it is, a mini inside look at the woman behind MY pampered tresses! I'll be sitting down with her soon for a full on exclusive interview, can't wait!
Contact Info:
Molly Haeg
Boujis Salon & Spa
8220 N. Hayden Rd #110
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Keep it pretty!

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