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My First Mac Eyeshadows and Brush

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
so if you can't guess from the title, this is all about my first ever mac eyeshadows and brush, i bought them at the end of last month, so i have had probably like 2-3 weeks to try them out.
my first mac eyeshadows and brush
 i have always wanted mac eyeshadows, ever since i started watching youtube vidoes back in the day, and then when i started my blog. I always thought that i would never be able to get them, because  always have more important things to spend with my money, but at the end of the month i had some spare money from my car tax so i thought, well what is stopping you kelsey?
so i did!!!
and i am sooo happy, i also bought a mac 188 angled contour brush. which i have wanted ever since i saw tiffanyd use it in one of her make-up tutorials, i kept thinking, "oh that must be so much easier to apply bronzer".
my first mac eyeshadows and brush and i bought macs version of a beauty blender aswell, just to try it out, and see what all the fuss is about with them.
so first off the brush, i love this brush, i think it is my favorite brush ever, the brush is so soft and silky, it cleans really well and doesn't shed, and it is so easy to contour with, it puts my bronzer in the exact place i want it and blends it in really well.
The only thing is a wish that it would stay white, it does when you wash it, but when you spot clean it it doesn't stay white, which is a shame.
the beauty blender does a good job of blending in my foundations, the point end is good to put foundation like around your nose area and eye area, and makes a flawless finish with the foundation.
my first mac eyeshadows and brush
my first mac eyeshadows and brush
i bought the quad eyeshadow pallette to put the eyeshadows i bought in, i might by the bigger pallette one day but for now i just bought this, because i know i probably won't buy anymore eyeshadows for a long time. i had the colours i wanted in my head for ages, so i knew exactly which ones i wanted to get. I didn't need to do any research or any thinking, i just clicked the colours i wanted on the website and hit buy, took me less then 10 minutes, (my kind of shopping)
my first mac eyeshadows and brush  (colours with flash and then without flash)
my first mac eyeshadows and brush (swatches with flash and without flash)
 from left to right-top to bottom: ricepaper, cranberry, all that glitters and sable.
basically cult favourites, aren't they!, ive always wanted these colours, and they do not fail to impress.
ricepaper is a lovely all over color that you can put right up the the eyebrows as like a base colour, it has a little bit of a shimmer to it so it reflects the light.
cranberry is a reddy brown color with some shimmer running through it, goes lovely in the crease with ricepaper.
all that glitters is a light brown colour, with obviously has glitter in it
sable is a darker brown color with shimmer in it also.
these colours go really well together and are staple basic colours in anyones collection, all have shimmer in them because i do love shimmer more than mattes.
have you got any other cult mac eyeshadows you love?
leave me some comments on which ones you love
see you soon xxx
my first mac eyeshadows and brush

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