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My First Attempt At A Time Management Strategy

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
So as of late, I've had to really up my "time management skills" in life.
Hmm, well look at my planner from last week....
My First Attempt At A Time Management Strategy
As you can see, most of my days are packed full of stuff I have to do. No where on there last week was there a line in my planner dedicated to working out... yes, that means last week I didn't workout.
Tisk, tisk....
I KNOW. It wasn't an ideal situation but something had to give, and unfortunately school and work cannot give. Basically my week goes like this:
Monday & Wednesday
Wake up at 5:40am
Out the door to school at 7am
Class starts at 8am
Class finishes at 3pm
Work starts at 4pm
Work finishes at 10pm
Home in bed by 11pm
Everything but working
Class at 12-3pm
All day homework
Work 4-1am
Relaxing and more homework
So basically somewhere in the first 3 days of the week I need to schedule workouts and food prep. This morning I tested out this thing where I get up early and go workout. 5:40 already seems fairly early and I was not excited to get up earlier than I had to... but I did it. Today I got up at 5am and went down to the gym in my building and did a pretty good leg workout for about 30-40 minutes. I have no expectations of myself to get in an hour long workout, and besides, my condo gym doesn't open until 5am anyways so I can't go at 4:30am anyways (thank the sweet lord).
This morning my alarm went off and I immediately popped out of bed like usual and I had set my workout clothes on the kitchen counter the night before so I didn't have to fumble around in the dark for them. I got changed and realized I had forgot my iPod in the car, so I wasn't going to have music, and I had to search around for my water bottle and pin my hair in the washroom and get a towel... needless to say I was like, half prepared for this 5am workout. Lesson learned.
I made it down to the condo gym and the good news is that it was dead. The odd news is that another guy came in, took a dumbbell from my side of the gym, brought it back after like 10 minutes and then left again. Weird, but whatever. I started my workout with 5 minutes on the elliptical... just me and the sound of the elliptical (which needed some grease) and the silence of nobody being in there. After 5 minutes I got off and headed over to the dumbbell area having no idea what I was even going to do. Luckily there is a stair case in that area of the gym, so I got in some plyo. My workout looked something like this:
10 dumbbell deadlifts
10 box (read, stair) jumps (3 stairs)
20 dumbbell squats
10 stair jumps
20 hip raises
10 stair jumps
10 split squats per leg
10 stair jumps
25 hip raises
10 stair jumps
I will admit that I haven't done weights in a while and I've been running more since it's been so nice outside, so my legs did fatigue pretty quickly, but I managed to push through as best as I could!
My First Attempt At A Time Management Strategy
So needless to say if I want to keep up my fitness, I have to start engaging in more 5am workouts. It definitely wasn't the worst thing ever and I've noticed I've had a good amount of energy all day! So not a bad experience at all. I've also been analyzing my time better and I've realized that on nights when I'm social and indulge in some adult beverages, they don't tend to be the most productive. So in order to be super productive, I'm not going to be super social for the next couple of weeks. I have midterms coming up and projects due so I need to be on my A-game... you know?? Funny enough, last night I made myself a virgin cesar and it was equally as satisfying as an alcoholic one... so I guess that means 1-point for Sarah!
Now next up on my list is successfully planning and bringing enough meals to make it through my long days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed).... I will let you all know how that goes once I'm successful more than 1 time.
Have you ever had to make sacrifices and shuffle your life around to make room for fitness?? Tell me about it!

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