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My Favourite Gradual Tans!

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
My Favourite Gradual Tans!
So this may seem like a bit of a weird post baring in mind we have seen nothing but cold and winter weather for ages now, but I wanted to look sunned so I decided that it was time to whip out the gradual tan again.I have to use gradual tan because I get severe allergic reactions to fake tan, and gradual tan is the only tanning product that doesn't make me have an allergic reaction.
My favorite gradual tans are the 'Palmer's Natural Bronze' and the 'Garnier Summer Body' in medium. These two gradual tans are both great because they give a really nice deep bronze color even after the first application. I apply the Palmer's tan at night because it is slightly thicker and more sticky and then I apply the Garnier tan in the day. I do this for 2/3 days and 2/3 nights because if I apply any more coats than this then it tends to go a little bit orange, then I leave it for a couple of days and then top it up again.
Before applying any of this fake tan I always exfoliate with my St Ives body scrub and then I apply my Vaseline Aloe Vera body lotion(which smells seriously amazing!) and then I apply this with a tan mitt. I have still not found a good gradual tan for my face so if you know of any please tell me in the comments!
Back to the tans, as with most tans these do have a bit of a biscuity smell but it isn't nearly as bad as most gradual tans. The Palmer's one has the most biscuity smell of the two but it's not really bad, it smells of chocolatey cake batter and smells delicious. The Garnier Summer Body smells of Apricots and the smell of biscuit is hardly noticeable and this is great because I think there is nothing more sickening than the horrible fake tan smell.
These tans give  light bronze color after one application and then after a few, builds up into a really nice color. Overall I give these 5/5!

What are your favorite tanning products?


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