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My Favorite Bikinis

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

My favorite bikinis

Having a favorite bikini is perhaps the female equivalent of the men’s pulling pants! Your favorite bikini has to be many things,perhaps most importantly it has to make you feel a million dollars. Now my relationship with my favorite bikiniis some what rocky, we have days where we get on famously, and I love spending time lounging in it. Then we have dayswhere I cannot cope with it at all! These days tend to be when I have over indulged a little on the food andthe drink and feel a bit out of shape.

My personal favorite bikini is the Summer Rose Halter Bikini which is made by the lovely people at Sunseeker. The key reason for me loving this particular two piece is the halter neck. Personally this suits my shape to a T, it enhances my shoulders and sits nicely over my cleavage which of course is vitally important when you are about to be laid bare (well almost!) The bottoms skim my hips and tie neatly at the sides, and I have to say I feel most comfortable inthem when I have a tan. So, generally before I jet off to my long awaited and well earned summer sun I will fake it,a quick St Tropez before I fly leaves me confident to strip to my bikini from day one, where the real sun can take over and top up the tan.

I love the fact that this bikini has an abstract pattern, I am not know for being a plain girl and I do love a bit of pattern. The brown base has turquoise flowers arranged all over, and I am quietly confident that I have chosen atimeless classic that will look good in years to come. Of course I have other bikinis in my collection, some come and go with the seasons, and some like this one, hang around for many wonderful holidays. The secret to finding the perfect bikini is of course to consider your shape, yourskin tone and your confidence levels. Ifyou don’t feel body beautiful, opting for a tankini may actually work better,and hey there is no shame in that ladies, we all have days where we aren’tfeeling the love for the skin we are in! Have a good rummage through our bikini pages and see if you can find what suits you best.


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