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My Cup of Tea: Friendship

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
My Cup of Tea: Friendship
I met with an old friend yesterday. He was with his sister. It is always a good thing to sit down and have a good conversation with people who understand you. He was one of my co-trainees in Hiroshima, Japan last year. We were reminiscing our good times in Japan.
My Cup of Tea: Friendship
Today, it hit me. We will always meet people. Sometimes, get to know them. Be close to them. Then at one point, you will have to separate ways. Imagine how many friendships we have managed to keep within the years.
I am turning 25 mid this year - almost a quarter of a century old. I have been friends with a lot of people. Then at one point, we just stopped communicating and ended up losing the close bond.
Looking back at one of the Islamic seminars I have attended, the sheikh once told us that our friends were not picked by us. Circumstances have brought us together. Our friends are our friends because they are there within our reach. We managed to get to know them because, well, they are in our peripheral.
Our online friends are our friends because we've managed to be in the same, say, website, social network, etc with them.
We can't be friends with those that are not in our boat. We can't create a bond with those miles away from us - unless we already have and just got separated. The friends we make are the people who also have been given the chance to know us by being within the reach.
And because I was given the chance to go to Japan. I was able to meet and befriend people like Ben, ate She, Elai and my other co-trainees. Moreover, I was also able to befriend Japanese and International people, whom I am now reconnecting over and over just like Doreen, Mai-chan, Ken-san, etc.
Similar to how I became friends with some other bloggers - because I blog and we are in the same sphere.
We become friends because we are bound to meet somewhere, sometime. When we reconnect and make the fragile bond of first meeting stronger, that's how we manage to find ourselves deeply immersed in the sea of friendship, wherein an acquaintance becomes a friend and later on becomes a best friend.

My Cup of Tea: Friendship

Best friends for decades. 

That's how I and my best friends managed to survive the test of time, distance and differences.
How did you meet your best friends? 

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