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My Christmas Traditions

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90

Hi everyone,
so seen as its so close to Christmas  and im getting sooo sooo excited about it, i thought i would share with you some of my Christmas traditions that me and my family do in the month of December.
Now, im not like normally people and start to celebrate it like in November  or even the first week of December  I start to get excited about Christmas when i go away with my mom for Christmas shopping.
My Christmas traditions
basically, every year (we only started it 3 years ago) in December  me, mom, my nan, and my 2 aunties go Christmas shopping in a big city, this year it was bath. All we do is eat and drink and shop, we stay in a posh hotel and shop for 3 WHOLE days!
Its amazing, i look forward to it every year, and this year it was my first proper holiday. My momma is so kind and pays for the hotel for me, i just buy the food and presents.
Usually i have done most of my presents, i just get the last little bits, or if im feeling nice buy extras for people.
so we usually do that the second week in December, always on a weekend.
Then we put the Christmas tree up :D, because i don't live with my momma and dad any more i make the effort and specifically go around to there's to put the Christmas tree up
Its always a fake Christmas tree, and we have had the same one for years, i remember growing up with it and it being huge and amazing, now that i have grown taller it is just abit bigger then me.(i remember one year we bought a real Christmas tree, and mom had the hover right next to it, because whenever it dropped its pines she would hover them up, we only had it for that year) We put the same baubles on every year, we have Disney characters that are mine, and i hang them up every year, we have Pluto  goofy, Donald and mickey and they are christmassy, singing or playing the harp, they look cute. Then we have drummer men and signing lady's made out of wood.
And we put gold shedding's over the Christmas tree, mom hates tinsel but we are allowed this haha. So we put it up singing Christmas songs and drinking wine, its lovely!
so then Christmas comes
My Christmas traditions
on Christmas eve i normally have to work, so after i finish work i come straight over to their's (mom and dad's) and i sleep the night, on the evening, me and mom make boozy chocolate truffles (we put a lot of rum in the last batch we made, woo) and watch a Christmas movie, if we have time, i then go for a bath at around 6 or 7 (this year because mom and dad have moved house, it wont be a bath it'll be a shower, but its still the same) then when im in my jammys, we have watched some Christmas tele, eaten and all relaxed, i can open 1 present before going to bed, this is a tradition our family have had for years, it is a Hungarian tradition that my grandad gave my mom, at least that's what he told her, because originally he was from hungry before moving over to the UK. It cant be a big present but it can be from anyone, Then i get into bed with my teddy and a good book and try to fall asleep (im like a little kid at Christmas).
And Christmas day, we get up super early, sit in the living room, dad has one sofa, mom has the other, and i sit by the fire, its always been that way. we open up our pressies, dad gives me a liqueur coffee and then we eat our chocolate we get as pressies, we don't really have Christmas breakfast.
Dad then cooks the turkey, mom makes herself an eggnog and then opens the cooker door and picks the crackling off it, every time! hehe.
i spend a couple of hours, playing with my pressies or watching tele until mom's family comes over, we eat with them and have all the timings! Then after lunch my boyfriend comes over, we open are pressies from the others families and then we have a buffet diner of like left overs,of course we then watch the doctor who christmas speacial, which are the best, mom always buys way to much food!
My Christmas traditions
Then late at night they all go home including my boyfriend, because on boxing day, he goes to see his family and i go to see my dad's family, they all live in Banbury about 4 houses away from each other, there are alot!! of us, i think i have something like 10 cousins and there's about 30 of us, include nan and grandad, aunties and uncles, cousins, their children and then all the boyfriends and girlfriends, it gets abit crazy!
i meet my sister over there with my nephew and we give each other our gifts. Then the older ones (hehe) so secret Santa, and all the cousins do a game called bad Santa  its an amazing game involving presents, i might have to do a blog post on it to explain it, its so much fun! then we eat and come home really late
so thats my Christmas traditions, what are yours??? i would love to know
do you do anything the same? or completely different?

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