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My Basic Banana Breakfast Shake

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

It's Monday and just when I thought I'd be staying home to finally get some beauty posts and video editing in I suddenly remembered I have to leave for another important lunch commitment. I slept in this morning and before I knew it had absolutely next to no time to have breakfast. Rather than leave you with no post to read I threw this one together quickly and thought it might start you of on some shakes or smoothies if you've never had the guts to try them. Don't be overwhelmed by too many ingredients when you're starting. Toss it in the blender but not for too long or it will turn into juice, perhaps about 1 minute in check in with a spoon to see if it's thick enough for you, if it isn't blend a bit more.


Ingredients were about 3/4 cup of yoghurt, about 10 small ice cubes and one medium banana (Dole ones would be considered large). This one works for me and the yoghurt I used was already sweetened so I didn't have to add sugar. Ice, banana, creamy real dairy yoghurt by Holly's, voila. Alternatively if you have no access to Holly's Dairy products (same family that sells Carmen's Best Ice Cream) you can use Pascuals plain Creamy Yoghurt which is available in groceries, I like the sweetened creamy taste of that one too. Try to avoid using sugar if you're keeping it healthy you could go with honey to add more sweetness if the sweetness of the yoghurt isn't enough for you. Switch up the banana with any favorite fruit and even toss in a scoop of protein powder (available at health stores like GNC) for a variety of basic breakfast recovery smoothies that are fresh, quick, and good for you. That's it, got to go and fly out the door, now. Made myself a bit late with this one, haha.

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