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MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Life is a journey, we're all going somewhere, but where are we going? -Logos Hope
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu The biggest book fair and floating library is here in Cebu, MV Logos Hope. The ship that brings knowledge, help and hope. After hearing about this from Carla, I was so eager to see it for myself. Last time the MV Doulos (Logos Hope's sister ship) was here in Cebu, I wasn't able to check it out. So when I heard about Logos Hope, I excitedly went to see it. ^_^

MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu

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Here's a simple map of the ship to help you around. This map is available for free at the information area of the ship. 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Upon entering the ship, you'll see the information counter in which you will pay your entrance fee. After paying, you are expected to sit at their lifeboat theater for some quick orientation about the ship. At the side of the lifeboat theatre, you'll see this magnificent History Wall of Logos Hope and its sister ships. 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu After learning something about Logos Hope history, you can proceed directly to their book fair section. Here,  you'll see over 5,000 book titles ranging from Classics, Friction, Cookbooks, Parenting, Religious books, Children's books and so much more. This is a book lover's haven. Mind you, their books are way cheaper compare to our Bookstores. For P350, I was able to buy 3 books. You'll really gonna love it here. 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Aside from books,   Logos Hope also carries Audio and instructional DVDs and VCDs. This is located inside their Book Fair section. 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu After picking up those books you desire, pay for it at the counter with the super duper friendly cashiers. Actually, all the staffs and crew of the ship were very friendly. They even try to learn some simple Bisaya language like  "Maayong Hapon!". 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Further from the book fair is the Journey to Life Exhibit. Journey to Life is a story of a prodigal son, in which his story is represented with pictures and hung on those walls to tell his story.
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu You'll enter in the Logos Hope's Theatre after understanding the prodigal son's story.
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Upon entering the International Cafe, you'll see this net book place at the corner. It serves as the Captain's Logbook. Don't forget to sign here, leave a quick message and give your email address to receive a free souvenir digital photo from the captain.  
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Across the Captain's Logbook is this cute little nook for the kids. Here, children are free to play and learn. That American girl right there is teaching this cute little kids something. I'm pretty sure, kids would love it here.
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu If you got hungry after touring around the MV Logos Hope, you can enjoy a brief snack from their international cafe that is big enough to accommodate over a hundred guest (I think!).  
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Here's MV Logos Hope Cafe Menu in the Philippines. Its affordable compared to cafes here in Cebu (promise! ^_^). 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu Before you exit the ship, try to spend a few minutes here in their Life X-Perience booth. You'll gonna learn a lot from here. 
MV Logos Hope Docks in Cebu You can visit MV Logos Hope in  Malacañang Park, Cebu Port. It is open to public from January 11-February 14, 2012 (Tuesday-Saturday 10:00AM-9:30PM and Sunday 1:00PM-9:30PM).  An entrance fee of P20 is required from everyone who wants to go inside. Children below 5 years old is free. ^_^
What are you waiting for? Visit Logos Hope now and shop for good books. Don't forget to bring your family with you. ^_^

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