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Must Read Advice for Women Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Last week, I published a business card giveaway. I was impressed by the number of new women entrepreneurs that entered to win!  Go ladies!  Since I have a corporate job, most of the advice on this blog is about navigating your career in the corporate world working for someone else.  But, we do need many of you ladies to go start your own businesses! I am going to start adding a few more posts here and there about working for yourself and becoming an entrepreneur.  In my experience, I never really thought that I had what it takes to be an entrepreneur until I went to business school. I realized that maybe I did.  So if you have never thought about becoming an entrepreneur, don’t skip these posts.  You just never know where you interests, skills and motivations may take you in the future!

Last week I attended a panel of 4 women entrepreneurs at the University of California, San Diego. These women did not hold anything back and they each gave very practical advice. I took notes and wanted to share them with you today!

The panel consisted of:

  • Holli Garret: Founder of a company called ECOtopics that helps educate professionals about the clean technology industry.
  • Michelle Khine: Professor and Founder of two companies, Shrink Nanotechnologies Inc. and Fluxion Biosciences
  • Kristina Maria T-Gutierrez: Founder of WomenGoGlobal, Co-Founder of KaMasaJei BioDynamics & Massage and Founder of GeniaBella Arts & Music Publishing.
  • Dr. Ulwyn Pierre: CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., an international management consulting and executive coaching company.

Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

  • To leave a legacy.
  • To make the world a better place.

What is the best advice you have received:

  • “Of course you can, why not!”
  • “If she knew how good she was, she would.”

Why do women entrepreneurs have an advantage over men entrepreneurs? (sorry guys, please don’t send me hate mail!)

  • Collaboration – being able to share knowledge and be on the same team.
  • Being able to multi-task better than male counterparts.
  • Males focus on one thing at a time and women can juggle better.
  • Women are more persistent, determined and motivated to prove to themselves that they are just as good as a men (especially in science and technology where there are so few women!)
  • Women can be more sensitive to nuances and subtleties.  Women tend to go with our gut instinct.

What are the biggest mistakes that women entrepreneurs make?

  • Taking constructive criticism too personally.
  • Using best friends as partners even though they aren’t a good fit.
  • Not starting – there aren’t enough women entrepreneurs!

Ever thought about starting your own business?  If so, please share your advice!

This post was written in association with the mechanical engineering programs at Conestoga College.

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