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Mushroom Mushroom :nail of the Day

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90

Hey everyone, so today im going to show you my cool mushroom inspired nails, i got inspired by the Mario mushroom.
i really like multi-coloured nails at the moment so i decided instead of doing it all red and white, i would change the colours :D 
so here is what i used:
models own black nail art pen models own hed kandi in baelric blue rimmel i love lasting finish in sunshine orly in haute red models own in snow white mua love heart nail varnish in u rok barry m mint green Mushroom mushroom :nail of the day (sorry for the black stuff on my polishes, i had a black nail varnish explode on me =[ )
right so: 1. decide on your colours and paint the top half of your nail in each seperate colour 2. wait for them to dry and then apply the white underneath, just touching the coloured sections
Mushroom mushroom :nail of the day
3. wait for it all to dry and using a nail art pen, or a black and a pen, make little long shaped eyes just under the coloured section of your nail.
Mushroom mushroom :nail of the day
4. Then with a little amount of polish on your polish brush, dot white dots all over the coloured section of your nail, they don't have to be symmetrical.
Mushroom mushroom :nail of the day
5. wait for it all to dry and clean up the edges, and da dahhh done :D
i love this design, they are so cute, ive had 4 people come up to me from where i work and go "ooooo there nice, did you do those?" haha, and i only put them on yesterday so yeah :D happy bunny!
have you ever tried these? or anything from mario, please give me a link if you have!
see you guys soon xx

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