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MUA Pro-base Concealer Palette

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
today im going to review the MUA pro-base concealer palette, now i know i should of reviewed this ages ago! but with work ive been quite run down, and i have no time to myself, so now i have finally got around to doing it.
i brought it from superdrug for £2.50, a pound off, because it was new. i also wanted the setting spray but they didn't have any of those left in stock =[ so maybe i well be able to get one when pay day comes.
MUA pro-base concealer palette
So this little baby is literally amazing, forget your favorite collection 2000 concealer (i know :O ) this baby will replace it straight away.
Now the downside is, you need a brush, and it doesn't come with one, but being a beauty blogger you should have at least one, so that should be fine.
MUA pro-base concealer palette
The palette comes with 3 concealers, well 2, a pink one, a neutral one and then a highlighter, which you can use on your brow bone, across your cheeks, down your nose, anyway basically that you put a normal highlighter. it has a little mirror and i think it comes in 3 or 4 different color ranges aswell, so im sure you can find the right shade for you, me being like snow white, i always go for the paler one, regardless.
the 2 concealers you can mix together, which is what i do, i mix the pink and neutral colors together for underneath my eyes, and then just use the neutral colour for the rest of my face, to cover my birthmark and spots e.t.c.
MUA pro-base concealer palette (without concealer)
MUA pro-base concealer palette (with concealer) so the first picture is me without any concealer around my eye area, and then the last one is with the concealer, hopefully you can see its covered all the darkness around my eyes, and its even covered the yellowish skin i have right by my eye. It is amazing, it is a full coverage concealer, without being heavy at all, it is lovely and creamy and has a silky finish to it, this concealer will last all day, and my days are regular about 10-11 hours long. so wow!
if you havent tried it you need to
what do you think? will you give it ago? have you already? xxxx

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