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Mua Cream Blush in Blossom

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
today i am going to review the new product by mua, called cream blush in the color blossom.
I brought this on my birthday, i saw it in superdrug and it was the last one left, it wasn't even in the right section it was were they lipglosses are and i was like "eeee" i need this, so i did :D,
they are only £2.
mua cream blush in blossom
This is really pretty packaging aswell, its alot sturdier then you would of expected for just 2 pound, they are quite big aswell, you differently get a lot for your money.
mua cream blush in blossom
It is a beautiful browny pink shade, and it make your cheeks look like they have a natural glow to them, rather then an actually color to them,
i love to put it ontop of my foundation, and then put my invisible powder over the top, because it doesn't get rid of any of the colour, but sets it in place and makes it look natural!
It is such a pretty color and it has made me love cream blushers, i know think that they look so much natural then the powder blushes, and sit so much nicer on the skin, and because you put a powder over the top it lasts soo much longer.
mua cream blush in blossom
this might be a dodgy picture, but i hope you get the idea, this was taken a goood 5 -6 hours after i had applied the blush and it actually stayed in place, i hope i get to use the whole range by mua because i think you can do so much more with these.
have you tried them? what do you think?
x mua cream blush in blossom

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