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Mountain Photos | Aiguille Du Chardonnet and Aiguille Verte

By Ryderwalker @RyderWalker

Mountain Photos | Aiguille du Chardonnet and Aiguille Verte
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Ken Fuhrer shot this photo during last summer’s Hiker’s Haute Route. The mountain on the left is called l’Aiguille du Chardonnet (3824 meters). The peak on the right is called l’Aiguille Verte (4122 meters). You can’t see it in the photo, but the Glacier d’Argentière forms a snaking river of ice between both mountains. There is also another glacier, the Glacier du Tour, which lies just in front of the Aiguille du Chardonnet.
Aiguille literally means “needle," in French. Judging by this photo, aiguille is an appropriate label for both peaks. Interestingly, myriad “aiguilles” surround the Chamonix valley. On the flanks of Chardonnet, for example, stand a handful of spires with names like Aiguille du Passon, Aiguille Adams Reilly and Aiguille Forbes. The Aiguille Verte also presents its own collection of needles. From well-known peaks like l’Aiguille du Midi and les Aiguilles Rouges, to the more obscure like l'Aiguille du Génépi and l'Aiguille du Pissoir (urinal needle), the names are a testament to the interesting history and rugged mountain scenery of the Mont Blanc massif.
Note: This is the perspective from Argentière, France. You can also get this view while hiking our Tour du Mont Blanc.
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