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  • Brand New Must Have Whip: The BMW 6 – Series Gran Coupe

    Brand Must Have Whip: Series Gran Coupe

    With companies like Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Aston Martin producing 4 door coupe’s in the past 5 years. It was only a matter of time before BMW decided to... Read more

    The 12 December 2011 by   Baj25
  • How to Draw Cars Now! DVD Tutorial by Driven Mavens

    Draw Cars Now! Tutorial Driven Mavens

    Dear friends, Driven Mavens just told me about its new hot tutorial DVD project order NOW your DVD! Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my educationa... Read more

    The 20 December 2011 by   Luciano
  • BLAST New Illustration Book by Scott Robertson

    BLAST Illustration Book Scott Robertson

    Dear friends, soon we will have a new book by concept designer and educator Scott Robertson the book is BLAST! Publication is previewed in March and here 2 page... Read more

    The 19 December 2011 by   Luciano
  • An Outback Christmas

    Outback Christmas

    As it is Christmas, I felt it was time for a reworking of the traditional nativity story, replacing the three wise men with three wise kangaroos, including two... Read more

    The 24 December 2011 by   Gardenamateur
  • Successful Young Man and His Valiant AP6

    Successful Young Valiant

    It's the mid 1960s, a smart young Australian man, already making a success of himself in business, has just bought his first status symbol, a brand new AP6... Read more

    The 22 December 2011 by   Gardenamateur
  • Long-distance Corvettes

    Long-distance Corvettes

    Well, long time no blog! I've been busy. I've been busy driving. Four thousand miles in fact, and so it's time to report in on how our 57 Corvette went on its... Read more

    The 09 December 2011 by   Gardenamateur
  • Merry Christmas from Luciano Bove to All of You!

    Merry Christmas from Luciano Bove You!

    Dear friends, 2011 has been a great year for this blog and myself. Almost a year ago I decided to open the first page for this blog on Facebook and today we... Read more

    The 23 December 2011 by   Luciano