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Mother’s Day…The Top 2 Gifts!

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Mother’s Day…this year March 15th. It always brings the same struggles as my mum’s birthday…not just when can I go home but WHAT DO I GET?

Personally I love a good experience, as I’m sure many of you might already know, but this doesn’t always run in the family – I can’t imagine my mom bungee jumping or zorbing…actually the thought is a little funny, sorry mom. 

Mum does love a good keepsake, but surely there’s only so many you can buy before walls and side furniture are full with paintings, photos and ornaments – Without looking like a hoarders house or a jumble sale!?

I know my dad struggles sometimes too, and asks her what she wants before birthdays and christmas :) I don’t class this as an easy way out…just saving stress! :) 

Last year I took mom for an afternoon tea for her birthday at Bill’s in Worcester (Read more here!) which was fab and she loved it! I obviously got it right.

An afternoon tea experience is actually one of two favorite presents named my mum’s in new research by Groupon! (So without knowing I even managed to get one of the best presents). The other most favorite gift rated by mums is flowers – a traditional one there. 47% of mums only get them once or less a year, so a rare treat which is highly appreciated. In fact sales of flowers (on Groupon) soar by 240% in run up to mother’s day, so this seems the time of year to be purchasing those blooms! (Although 35% of mums would like them more…keep this in mind for when you’re in the doghouse :P Which I’m obviously not wishing on anyone!)

Now look at this AMAZING idea…

In celebration of Mother’s Day, and taking on board mums’ two favorite gifts, Groupon teamed up with experimental food artists Blanch and Shock, to create the Yummy Mummy Bouquet – a floral masterpiece featuring afternoon tea classics transformed into traditional Mother’s Day blooms. Take a look, it’s incredible:

Groupon Edible Bouquet

The Yummy Mummy Bouquet is entirely edible, from the Cucumber Sandwich Tulips and Battenberg Hydrangeas, to the Prosecco ‘water’ in the vase. The bouquet took a total of 70 hours to plan, design and construct, with a team of three using 10kg flour, 3kg butter, 5kg sugar and 40 eggs in the process.

Groupon Edible Bouquet

Groupon Edible Bouquet

Just hearing the word battenburg as being included in this bouquet has sold it to me! My most favorite ever cake since I was little – Nanny you should remember this well!

And what’s better… Groupon is actually giving one lucky customer the chance to win the tasty edible bouquet creation for their mom (well it does feed four, so I’m sure you’ll be allowed a flower too)!!!!  – Go enter at

I was actually sent a little gift from Groupon to celebrate this new creation…

Groupon Gift
Cupcake Gebera
cupcake gebera

And the Cupcake Gerbera was just amazing! Now to go off for a quick cuppa and sort my own mother’s day present…

I have my fingers crossed for all who enter the bouquet competition – if you win you have to tell me all about the Battenberg Hydrangeas!

Chloe xx

*I was gifted (as shown in post) but views are my own.

Mother’s Day…The Top 2 Gifts!

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