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More Natural Remedies for a Cold

By Irene Shaver @hhwife
Cold and flu season is upon us.  Ever since we moved, about six weeks ago the girls have been battling a cold.  It has been rather frustrating and mind boggling for me.  I am trying to ensure their diets only promote a stronger immune system yet they have been struggling with this cold.  I believe the change in location, school and house has contributed to their fight as they are fighting against some new germs.
I decided to go to the nearest health food store to get some help.  The on-sight homeopath was very helpful and gave me a couple suggestions that I had either forgotten about or hadn't tried.
I figured there were more people struggling with the same situation so I am sharing what we have used and am glad to report we are cold free.
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More Natural Remedies for a Cold
1. Astragalus
In morning before eating any food I am giving them some organic apple juice with astragalus.  Astragalus has been used in Chinese medicine and works at stimulating the immune system.  Our naturopath had suggested it to me years ago as a natural flu "vaccine."
2. Vitamin C
Through fresh fruits and vegetables as well as juicing.  We also add a scorbatate mixed into a drink and occasionally take some fun vitamin C "candies" for a treat.  These do contain sugar so I would not solely rely on them.
3. Oil of Oregano
The oil of oregano is key for killing bacteria.  A simple drop into a glass of water will help kill those germs.  I can't get the girls to drink it as it is so strong but they don't seem to notice it in a juice.
4. Probiotics
Will keep balance your digestive system and allow for proper nutrient absorption.  The probiotics give your body healthy bacteria which will help fight off the unhealthy bacteria.
5. Gargle with Sea Salt Water The girls have been taught to properly gargle with salt water which will help clean our the germs which linger in their mouths.  Gargling with salt water is also a great way to get rid of or prevent a sore throat.
6. KIDS 0-9 Cough and Cold
This remedy was new to me as I usually separate my homeopathy but both girls had a variety of symptoms so I thought I would try a combined cough syrup.
7. Vitamin D
Perhaps not as essential in fighting a cold but I do feel it is important in the winter months for mood and general health.

8. Increase Water, Raw Fruits and Vegetables
Increasing water as well as raw fruits/vegetables is also important in flushing out toxins as well as increasing essential nutrients.
9. Decrease Sugars and Dairy.  
Eliminating dairy will also help decrease the mucous production.
For more on sugars I highly recommend this video The Secrets of Sugar by the Fifth Estate.  This video made me even more conscious about our diet.  I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video.  Check out the rat experiment 28 minutes into it.  We may be creating a stupid society with sugar.

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