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More Melancholia on Events 'over There'

By Davidduff

Yes, I know that yesterday's post was on the gloomy side and I'm afraid this follow-up is not going to improve matters.  However, I did a dis-service to the 'Great American Public' in one respect when I said that "With some honourable exceptions, the American people seem to be sleep-walking towards state-controlled socialism of the very worst kind".  I should have emphasised the exceptionals who are, of course, the 'Tea Party' groups.  They remain a large but disparate and inchoate group whose effectiveness, as far as I can see, depends on the verve and intelligence of their local leaderships which obviously vary from place to place.  Unfortunately, they face two political enemies.  There are the Democrats, of course, but also there is the current leadership of the Republican party who are entrenched in the fleshpots of Washington which they seem to feel is their lifetime's entitlement.  At the grassroots level the 'Tea Party' do not appear to be political sophisticates - and no harm in that - but they alone seem to have grasped the idea that their country is being stolen from under them.

A huge test for all concerned will be the November elections to the House and the Senate.  The current 'wisdom' seems to be that the GOP will retain control of the House but the big prize, control of the Senate remains open.  This is absolutely crucial because with control of both Houses, in effect, they instantly end Obama's presidency!  In addition, tactically, they will be able to open really high-powered Congressional investigations into the various suppressed scandals on which the Obama apparat is keeping lids firmly closed.  If the full stench of these gross misdemeanours is released over the next two years it will be of tremendous help to a Republican candidate in the presidential election of 2016.

Quite who will be running for the Republican party in 2016 is still a toss-up.  The chances are that it will be yet another RINO ('Republican In Name Only' - for the benefit of my British readers) like Mitt Romney and up against a hardened veteran like 'HillBilly', ghastly though she is, whoever is chosen is likely to be pulverised.  Behind all this, of course, is the fact that America has changed demographically as well as philosophically.  The unbelievable influx of mostly South American immigrants, encouraged by the Democrat party who know that they and their families will forever vote their way, has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  It is exactly the same tactic that the Labour part encouraged 'over here' - and it worked which is why they have such an iron grip on the big northern cities where the immigrants congregated.

So, watch and pray in November.  If the Republicans gain the Senate there is hope!


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