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Monthly Loves for October

By Allaboutjyl
Hellos! Starting this month I decided to do aMonthly Love &  Hate(if there will be any) merely because I am too lazy to write individual post per product lolz~  Anyway, the real reason is I know most people prefer a short but precise review. Thus, I decided why not just come up with a Monthly loves/hates just so people won't have to suffer reading my nonsense blabber most of the time T_________T

Anyhoo without further blabber here’s my L-OV-E for the month of OCTOBER~

Monthly Loves for October1)   TonyMoly: UV Sunset BB Cleansing Foam
Monthly Loves for October·   I love love this cleansing foam!! It cleanses super duper well~·   Able to remove all sorts of makeup THOROUGHLY·   Skin felt squeaky clean after wash·   Since this is just a free product, I decided to try it with my brushes and it works like magic!!! Able to clean the brushes effectivelywithout making the hair strands weak or dry
Monthly Loves for October2) SYOSS: Anti-Dandruff Control Conditioner (Pro-Keratin)                 Price: PHP90
Monthly Loves for October
  • Smells super duper refreshing
  • It really helps control dandruff and itchiness of scalp effectively
  • I think this is the best anti-dandruff conditioner I have ever tried in my life
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
That’s it for my October LOVES! So far, I didn’t have a HATE product for the month of October~ While the rest are just so-so that’s not even worth mentioning >_<

How about you? What are your loves for this month? Share it on the comment box below =)

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Monthly Loves for October

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