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Montague Jeunesse Part 2/April Glossybox

By Jennydurbin985 @Jennydurbin85
Again, I am soooooo late with my posting! I feel like i've lost my zing recently. Just been really stressed with my 'real' job and trying to decide what to do about where to live, plus got the world's most horrible annoying cold. Why is it that life always seems to get in the way of stuff that you do for fun?! I wish I could make more time for blogging because i really do love it when I do it.
This is a two part blog post, firstly i'll talk about another of the Montague Jeunesse range that I got sent, and then what I thought about April's Glossybox. I tried the De Clog Pores strips today and I don't usually use anything like this. I remember when I was a teenager that I tried Biore ones and they hurt soooooo much! My first impressions were that they smelt really nice, like oranges! You had to wet your face and then stick them over your nose for 10-15 minutes. They're designed to draw out impurities from on and around the nasal area, and start to get tighter as the water absorbs into the strip.
Montague Jeunesse part 2/April Glossybox
I have to be honest, I don't have that many blackheads so I didn't really notice anything when I pulled them off. They didn't hurt though which is a bonus! I guess the hard thing about having been sent these is that I need to try them all even though I don't have problem skin as such and try and find positives/negatives with them all. I'll do the break out mask next as it's getting around that time of the month where I will definitely will get some spots! If you want to have a look at the full range you can visit their site here.
Right, here's the millionth Glossybox review for this month! I'm still like a little child when I get mine, I have both Glossybox and Shesaidbeauty on the go (I decided to be bad and have two) and I love unwrapping them. I purposely don't read anybody's reviews before I receive them because I love the element of surprise.
Montague Jeunesse part 2/April Glossybox
Montague Jeunesse part 2/April Glossybox
My first impressions were that I liked the eco-friendly box, but strangely I really didn't like the front of the card this month!! Anybody else have this really tiny niggle? I thought that the print and the font looked cheap. Anyhow...this month's box was brilliant! I loved every single thing in it. The Monu skincare collagen moisturizer is lush - really soaks into your skin and leaves it looking dewy and glowing. I've actually gone out without make up over it! I'm really pleased there's a full size lip balm - I've seen Figs and Rouge about in a spa I go to with my mom but never actually bought any of their products. There's a lovely Inika eye liner; I got a violet shade which goes great with my hazel eyes and they're really soft and easy to use. I haven't tried the other two bits yet to be honest. I genuinely am really chuffed with this box - I think there was a period when a few of us got a bit disillusioned with Glossybox but they've definitely upped their game now, and it's so worth the £10 this month.
Did you guys get any variation in your contents and if so, what did you like/dislike? xoxo

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