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Monica Lewinsky Opens Her Mouth Again!

By Davidduff

(What's the matter, did I say something?)  Anyway, 'La Lewinsky' is back in the news entirely of her own volition to remind us of the most succulent sex scandal of my lifetime.  (Now what did I say?)  She has kept her head down (for goodness sake, will you stop sniggering!) for some time now but with immaculate timing she returns to the headlines to remind us all of Bill's pecker peccadilloes just as Hillary begins her run for the Presidency.  We, and in particular 'the cousins', should all be grateful to be reminded of exactly what complete and utter shits the Clintons, pere et mere, are.  As the WSJ reminds us, Ms. Lewinsky kept her mouth shut, well, she did after the story broke (and I won't tell you lot again - behave!) but almost immediately the White House 'character assassins' with the encouragement of Bill and under the leadership of the disgusting Sidney Blumenthal moved in to 'murder' Miss Lewinsky's reputation:

On Jan. 21, 1998, Mr. Clinton told his aide Sidney Blumenthal that Ms. Lewinsky “came on to me and made a sexual demand on me,” according to Mr. Blumenthal’s deposition to Mr. Starr. Mr. Clinton added that he “rebuffed her” and then she “threatened him. She said that she would tell people they’d had an affair, that she was known as the stalker among her peers, and that she hated it and if she had an affair or said she had an affair then she wouldn’t be the stalker any more.”

Later, of course, this pack of lies collapsed and so the Clinton machine moved to attack Kenneth Starr, the man chosen as a Special Investigator, whose verdict was that Bill Clinton was a lying liar.  Now the Clinton Machine Mk.II is gearing itself up and has already launched missiles against Ms. Lewinsky as they attempt to rewrite history.  The WSJ points out, not unreasonably:

We correct the record not least to point out that the Clintons weren’t above falsely smearing a young woman not much older than their daughter as an oversexed psycho blackmailer. Since Ms. Lewinsky brought it up, we also wonder what the modern feminists applauding her address think about men in positions of power publicly shaming a female subordinate without her consent.

But the story is especially instructive for what it reveals about the Clinton family mores of saying or doing whatever it takes to win. Mr. Blumenthal and the rest of the Clinton menagerie are rested and ready for another run at political power. As the 2016 election nears, Americans should be prepared for more attempts to rewrite 1990s history.

It's funny, I have that deja vu feeling all over again!

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