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By Yougottabegorgeousx @yougottabgorgex
So today is a post of a different sort, it is all about money and what you can do to help save it. So I get an allowance from my parents (I am only 15, I'm not like 30!) and I have a job at my dance school. Until recently I had actually been pretty good at saving money. But I went on holiday a week ago (ish) and so I had to buy some clothes, I bought two dresses and a shirt. Then on holiday I treated myself to a new MAC concealer and the Urban Decay Basics Naked Palette. And then last night I got an Essie polish. So when you add all of that up it actually totals to a pretty hefty sum. So now I am on a spending ban. You can check out a haul if you want any more detail on any of these products here.
So the best thing you can do is just not spend money on things you don't need, like make up and clothes. And if you do want something, rather than spending it go home and put that same amount of money to the side. Another thing that may work for you, is to work towards a goal. So save for a specific item, even if you don't really want that product if you have a goal then you are more likely to put money aside and save for it.If you have two incomes, like I have a job and an allowance, then only spend one income on stuff. So always save one. So for me I get my allowance straight into bank account, I do try to save this and try not to spend it at all. I then use the money I get from work to spend on anything I want. This won't be possible for some people but it is a good plan if you can stick to it. An obvious one would be to just try and cut down, look out for offers, and don't be afraid to go into "budget" shops. When food shopping, if you want to go into budget shops, Aldi.... (check out AThrifyMrs' blogpost all about what to and not to buy at Aldi),and you are wary then look out for branded items. Always check use by dates though!So my main point is to just be aware of what you are buying and what you are actually spending your money on. Try and make an effort every week/month to put a little bit away so you always have back up. I know it's easier said than done but if you want it hard enough you can do it.
Thank you. See you soon.
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Love Allie x x x x
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