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Moment of Meditation

By Nadine
Today I came across this cartoon video: One-Moment Meditation Cartoon.
What do I love about this? This makes meditation accessible. You don't need a lot of time. You don't need to bend your legs a certain way. You just sit for a minute. I think it could be really helpful for a lot of people.
What would I like to add? It does not encourage you to lengthen your meditation beyond the minute. I think that being able to meditate for a moment is really helpful in a stressful situation, in a boring situation and basically while you're doing other things. But I also think there are great benefits to be had from meditating for longer periods of time.
Extending the length of our meditation allows us to better train our minds for stillness. It also allows us to tap into an inner or outer wisdom, to take our meditation beyond stress reduction and into further improvements in our lives.
But a moment is a great start and a great option to have in your personal toolbox.

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