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MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014

By Khourianya @khourianya
Paper Kids This one ended up being a favorite of the twins...seeing their own mugs done up all elfy.  Priceless.  And all it took was a photo printed and some scrapbook paper to pull off.
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Do you wanna build a snowman?
This one proved surprisingly easy to put together and crushingly difficult to find.  
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Snap Crackle and Pop
This one was great for a lazy night.  I had something similar planned, but ran out of time to make it a reality so this worked great in a pinch.
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Inside a balloon
This one is a bit trickier.  You first have to find a clear balloon (I finally managed to find one at party city) and then you have to streetch the balloon and blow a little air into ti.  Then comes the hard part - shoving the damn elf inside.  I opted to fold her up to as few limbs as possible and stretch the neck of the balloon wider with my fingers then I shover her inside until the whole thing looked a little embryonic.    Once she was in and I had pulled the neck of the balloon out - it inflated like a charm and a bot of jiggling unfolded her and got her into a workable position.
The beauty of this one is that you can suspend it anywhere AND there is no chance a kid can touch it.
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Angry Birds
This one was SO MUCH FUN to put together!  My girls love Angry Birds so they got incredibly excited to see it.  They end up knocking it down and rebuilding the towers all day.
All you need is some print offs of the pigs.  If you have any angry bird toys, you can position them around your elf...or you can do what I did and glue google eyes onto pom poms.  They'll understand.  I used a pompom maker as a slingshot, but you could always invest more time to make something more authentic.
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Lego Friends Makeover
Ok - this one was supposed to be a hostage taking by lego men...until I discovered we only have the girl lego people.  So makeover it was.
Unfortunately, now I can't get all the green eyeshadow off...
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
Santa's Workshop
Thank goodness for dollar stores.
I was planning to make an igloo out of packing styrofoam popcorn, but had no I improvised with a little paper playset of santa's village from Dollarama and hid it in an unlikely place.  
When the girls did finally find it - they treated it like a shrine to santa all day - leaving notes and drawings for Libby to take with her.
MOMday: Another Week of Elf Ideas 2014
So there is another week of ideas for you.  Hope you are having as much fun with your elf this year as I am!

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