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Mitt Romney - Christie Endorsement a Welcome Boost to His Chances to Win the Republican Nomination.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

mitt romney

Mitt Romney is on a role, just as I thought he would be. He has just had a ringing endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who many in Republican circles thought might make a late dash into the Republican race himself. The backing not only gives Romney a real boost ahead of an important New England debate, but will swell his financial coffers too with the financial backers behind Christie, now turning around to lend their support to the former Massachusetts Governor.

MittRomney transits

Astrologically, this comes right on cue. There are a couple of very supportive trines for Mr Romney. Firstly, transiting Uranus which rules Romney’s Midheaven is still nicely trine to natal Saturn and sextile to his ascendant. It will be here for a while yet, giving Romney solid progression to his ambitions. More crucially for now, Romney is receiving the opposite trine, transiting Saturn along with the Sun being trine to natal Uranus, doubling the effect and heralding the support he just received. This backing is a nice surprise for him, and with both Venus and Jupiter bringing luck, money and social support to this Midheaven (his professional persona) through a couple of invigorating squares (Jupiter also squares natal Venus in his 10th house), Mitt’s bandwagon is starting to really move apace. Jupiter is also making a nice sextile to Mitt’s Mars and Venus makes a trine to Mars too. These are all supportive aspects which are helping his campaign and his reputation, pushing him firmly ahead of the pack. Jupiter through Sagittarius rules personal relationships with others on the cusp of the 7th and investments and dealings with other people’s money on the cusp of the 8th, and through these beneficial Jupiter aspects with more to come as Jupiter is currently retrograde, you can see the cash starting to roll in. Even this early into the race without a primary yet to be decided, he will be on a considerable high, looks very much the clear favorite and in my opinion, is going to take a hell of a lot of stopping.

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