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Miso Healthyyyyyy! (Get It?)

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
To be completely honest with you, this week that I've been on vacation I have REALLY been relaxing. AKA Not doing ANYTHING. I've been relaxing... reading... and today I went and took my college English and Math test. I've worked out 1 time which is not what I had planned but I really just wanted to rest. I don't know why... it just feels nice to relax and not be stressed about doing anything!
Last night C and I ordered sushi for dinner because he had just gotten home from being away for two days (YAY!) and we didn't feel like cooking. My sushi came with miso soup. I absolutely love miso soup and I have for many years... it's one thing I look forward to having whenever I go out for Japanese food. I was watching Bethenny while "relaxing" and she had a chef on the show and he was cooking with a miso paste and she mentioned how healthy miso was for you... so obviously, I decided to do some research!
Miso Healthyyyyyy! (Get It?)
First up - what the heck IS miso!? According to Wikipedia, miso is a fermented spice made from fermenting rice, barley, and/or soy beans with salt and a fungus with a Japanese name that I can't type on an English keyboard, but the most typical miso is made with soy. It comes as a paste but it can be mixed with Dashi soup stock to create miso soup.
As it turns out, Miso has crazy properties that help with digestion. Miso and other fermented foods help build up the inner ecosystem and assure the digestive tract is amply supplied with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help digest, synthesize and assimilate nutrients that are super necessary for good health and anti-aging. They also help strengthen the immune system, keeping it ready to fight off any infections we may contract! Miso has a very alkalizing effect on the body. Many studies have shown that miso helps reduce the risk of breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer and also helps protect from radiation.
Miso also has some amazing anti-aging effects on the skin. It is full of linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid that helps the skin stay soft and free of pigmentation.
I'm so glad that miso is FULL of health benefits because I honestly could eat miso soup for DAYS.
This is one of my smaller posts, but that's ok. Cool news - I'm hiring someone to redesign my blog! Yaaaaye. I feel like my blog is super amateur looking... so I'm biting the bullet and having someone who actually knows what they are doing design something new for me, so all my health/fitness and fashion/beauty blogs can all be in one easy place. Cool huh? I can't wait to see what she comes up with!
Are you a fan of miso soup??
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