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Mindful Eating

By Nadine
I teach mindfulness meditation and I continue to study mindfulness. Mindfulness opens the door to now. It lets me enjoy the moment or deal with the moment and then move on.
I've been practicing mindful eating. This is one of the hardest things for me. I have always eaten either in front of the TV or reading. Now you know why I did the no TV experiment last week.
This week I've been working on sitting down at the table for a meal and enjoying that meal. Sitting down with my snack and enjoying it. Not multi-tasking my meal away.
What are the benefits? Because I'm present for my meal, I enjoy the food a lot more. I also find that, for me, mindful eating eliminates the mindless snacking. If I'm being mindful I'll eat just enough to satisfy myself and then stop eating.
I'll admit the mindful eating is a challenge because it is so ingrained in me to have entertainment and eating put together. But I'm glad to be separating the two so that I can enjoy them each individually.

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