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MiMM #3! What Is Marvellous?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
Happy Monday!
AND because it's Monday - you know what that means! Happy MiMM (Marvellous In My Monday!). Thank you to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting this super fun link up every Monday!
MiMM #3! What Is Marvellous?
Instead of rambling on about things that happened this past week (which I will IN ADDITION to this), I decided to tell you WHAT I think are the reasons I classify some things I do as "marvellous". Why not, right?
1. Happiness. Anything that makes me happy deserves to be marvelous. Marvellous is such a happy word in itself, anything that you describe as marvelous has to be something that puts a smile on your pretty face!
2. Neat. Anything that you think is neat. It might be a material item, it might be something you saw, or it might be something you've experienced recently that you would say is "neat".
3. Laugh. If something makes you laugh, it is marvelous. Nuff said :).
4. Productivity. I believe being productive is never a negative experience, so since it's then by default a positive experience, it must be marvelous :).
And with that... Here are some things that fall into one of the 3 categories mentioned above from this past week.
* On Friday I had an awesome phone call with a lady I work with (sort of, hard to explain). She makes me laugh and always brightens up my day when she calls. I've only met her in person once, but I feel like we've been friends FOREVER. Haha. She just makes me giggle so much and she has such  positive energy that you can't help but cheer up as soon as you start talking to her. Laugh.. Happiness..
* On Monday I was doing a bit of catch up with work and decided to work from home all night. It was hard and I was tired by the end of the night, but because of it the rest of my week went a lot more smoothly and I felt good getting a lot of stuff done and caught up. Productivity... 

* This weekend I was glad I got some studying in. I always feel good when I get some studying in. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm definitely behind where I should be in terms of my course because I've been a lazy bum, so any studying I do is a good thing. Which reminds me that this week I'm going to get super strict with blogging 1 day, studying the next.. like I used to do. I don't know what happened there? Productivity...

* At Starbucks this weekend, I witnessed one of the staff there going out of their way to help an elderly man who couldn't stand up straight and used a walker to help him walk. I felt so badly because it was a busy rush time (noon) and he just wanted a sandwich. I heard him as for egg salad, and obviously us young folk know that Starbucks isn't really a sandwich place, but the staff member helped him one on one to get something he actually wanted to eat for dinner. I almost cried watching this employee be so nice to this elderly man. Seriously. I think it's so important to respect our elders, and help them when they need it.... and I feel like a lot of young people are either too shy to help or are too ignorant to help.. so seeing this really made my heart happy and inspired me to be a better person as well. Happiness... Smile...

* On Sunday, C told me he bought me a surprise gift on eBay. I have no idea what it is or what it could be... but I'm excited!! Smile... Happiness...

* Last night after I vlogged, a friend told me I cheered them up when they were having a "funk"! Obviously I didn't vlog specifically for my friend and didn't intend for it to get them out of a funk, so it's so nice to hear that it helped! I like making people happy.. I'm a people pleaser, it's what I do! :) Smile.. Happiness..

That's all I have for you on this Marvellous Monday! It's short, it's sweet.. and hopefully someone smiles because of it! I'm officially on a kick of making people smile. It's fun!
What is the one thing that stands out in your mind from this past week that stands out as "Marvellous"?

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