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Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun Wins Appeal -- Off a Fedex Store Being Closed?

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun Wins Appeal -- Off a Fedex Store Being Closed?

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- Troy Ballard 

In a decision that has shocked MLB, NL MVP award winner Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers won his appeal and will no longer serve a 50-game suspension that was started after he tested positive for performance enhancing PED's.
Braun's appeal was never about whether or not he took PED's, but over the handling of his sample for testing.
This marks the first time in the history of MLB that a player has won an appeal on a drug related suspension.
Braun tested positive with artificial testosterone in his system, which sparked a massive controversy over whether or not he should be allowed to retain the MVP award. Despite the debate, Braun still accepted the award in the middle of his appeal, and not with popular reception.
The question -- on what basis did Braun overturn all odds and eliminate his 50-game suspension?
Believe it or not, Braun won his case based off a Fedex store being closed, and his sample not being delivered in a timely fashion to the testing facility. After acquiring Braun's sample, the courier attempted to drop off the sample at a Fedex store, but it was closed when he or she arrived on a late Saturday afternoon.
In light of the store being closed, the courier placed the sample in their cool Wisconsin basement to perserve the results. The sample ended up being sent out on Monday, when the Fedex store re-opened.
Braun appealed on the basis that his sample was mis-handled and violated procedure. He didn't even try and fight the actual results of the test, but instead took a stance against the procedure in which his sample was delivered.
Evidently, MLB arbitrator Shyam Das felt the logic was reasonable enough to overturn the original 50-game suspension. Braun, along with the entire Milwaukee fan base, is dancing in the street that he will be able to play from day-one.
This is huge news for the Brewers' organization, which lost franchise cornerstone first basemen, Prince Fielder, to free agency this off-season. If Milwaukee had to go into crisis mode for 50-games without Braun, and Fielder no longer on the team, it would have been a stretch to imagine a playoff appearance.
With Braun back in the fold, the Brewers are right back in the playoff picture. The value of Braun to Milwaukee can't be overshadowed, and he is one of the biggest reasons the team found such great success last season.
Depending on who is talking about it, there will be a huge controversy over the decision to overturn Braun's suspension, much like his MVP award. Even though it is in the books and he is officially back, MLB may try and make a play to keep him off the field, depending on extenuating circumstances.
What do you think, should Braun be allowed back onto the field?
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