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Middle of Iowa, Listening to East Indian Music on the Rad...

By Myfilmproject09

Middle of Iowa, listening to East Indian music on the radio, it's 7.30. I noticed how music or sounds are important to city people. My Arizona trip with 2 friends in search of something on the radio. After they'd gone through religion, country  and hog prices there was nothing on the radio, they were almost angry that they want that they want to listen to human voices for for traveling . I do this for an hour or too, until it's boring. Guess I like the silence the. Tuesday night. Somewhere. So where here in the hard land and there's enough East Indians to warrant there own radio show or station.
Times where I read (books, AAA, guides, maps Once in D.D). read a book for two hours. Another station - religion in the heartland. Two things out here - God and the weather - that's what you talk about, that's and that's what you care about for. Not that there's you hope for. Not that that's no religion elsewere , there is. Just that it's more obvious here. Waterloo Iowa , the worst street in the world. It's got to be the most street in the world. It's got the most amount  on a single street per capitiva. you drive and stop and drive and stop. I notice it more because  I've got a clutch to push and gears. And this old girl doesn't like it too much at her age. The street goes on forever and curves and goes up hills.
No room at the motel,  have to go to another motel, restaurants and cafes are all closed. Don't  want Pizza, local place. A word about motels. I pass one at the expressway - Vacancy . Naturally I pass it at the expressway exit. vanancy. Naturally I pass it to find the "Perfect place". This method fails more than it works. Same for cafes. I have a feeling for cafes. Kind of like a feeling for the place, kind of like the holy grail. I'll know the place when I see it.This drives other people nuts. Waterloo has the worse traffic control systm  I've ever seen in my life with country music playing, stop lights don't anything - made for you to stop all the time. I'm probably hitting them wrong and that motels are full and cafes are closed.

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