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Mexico Now Most Obese Nation on Earth

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


According to new statistics Mexico is now the most obese major nation on the planet. A few minor island-nations are even worse off, but among bigger countries Mexico now takes the title from the USA.

CBS: Mexico takes title of “most obese” from America

So why did Mexicans get this obese? Perhaps by eating too much junk food (full of processed carbs) and drinking too much soda?

Mexicans drink more Coca Cola than any other nationality, 225 litres (60 gallons) per person per year! Coca Cola is said to be “an essential part of the Mexican people’s diet and can be found even where there is no drinking water” (source).

But surely using Coca Cola instead of drinking water couldn’t possibly have made all these Mexicans obese? After all, Coca Cola is part of the solution to the obesity epidemic. Their commercials say so all the time and they even educate dietitians about it.

No, the problem has to be something else.

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