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Mexican Mondays – Yes, It is a Thing!

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Ok, maybe at Wetherspoons but still. It’s a thing!

Wetherspoons is one of those places that’s pretty standard wherever you go and super cheap for a lunch or dinner catch-up with a friend. You pretty much know what you’re getting and when you stick to their daily deals, or lunchtime deli deal you know for a fact you won’t spend over £10, even with two drinks!

We spotted Mexican monday recently, a new addition to the wetherspoons daily deals, and so a friend and I decided to give it a go.

We popped along to the branch nearest work at about 1pm, with it not being too crazily busy, we took a speedy look at the menu (you’re always on a timer for lunch breaks from work!) and ordered at the bar (service not overly friendly but polite), both going for the chicken burrito – with a soft drink £5.99, absolute bargain!

Mexican Mondays - Wetherspoons

At this point tummy’s were rumbling anticipating our dishes arriving from the kitchen.

We continued our catch-up and when our meals were delivered we weren’t disappointed.

Mexican Mondays - Wetherspoons

So it’s not gourmet but hey, it doesn’t look bad :)

They don’t have extra hot salsa, and there’s no salad in the burrito – but you can always do what I did and cut the lettuce leaf under the sauces to pop inside the wrap. Plus I do understand if they did have salad in you’d always get one person (cough…my boyfriend..cough) who turns round and has to reel off the things they don’t want in their burrito taking more time and causing more confusion at the till! And guys this is a budget meal out. However, there was guacamole served with the dish – this is normally an extra charge elsewhere!

It was pretty tasty and very filling. There was quite a bit of chicken inside which was nice – no measly amounts like in some restaurants!

The side of nachos was a nice little addition too – I don’t normally eat crisps or tortilla chips!

Now I’m not saying the burritos are better than some of the takeaway mexican outlets such as Tortilla and Chipotle, but for a sit down meal and drink in a pub £5.99 is pretty outstanding.

Do you resort to wetherspoons for budget meals now and again? What do you think?

Chloe xx

Mexican Mondays – Yes, it is a thing!

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