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By Myfilmproject09

 I have had to change a lot of my good old 20 years of my blog and what happened is that I had a complete breakdown on the whole thing and a lot of other things. I had to get my guy to open it up more almost being starting again. Sorry to tell me about the women and way back time when I even had hair, but I still miss them.

I also was still wanting to find the final woman, older than me, well, maybe three years. Cyrs and I sort of left out lives and I was the one who did it, an idiot, and even now, I was sorry. And stupid. And now I'm looking for her somewhere, now older. Sounds easy? She has a name that you would be easy to a point. I't's not easy because of the name and I found her home still around out side Detroit. Sounds easy? Which means that I would have to drive there. That would be a long drive across the country. 

She is still the best. She even came to my wedding. Crazy? No, just wanted to see my wedding. She never saw her real live but it didn't work. I was maybe a stand-in. And I know she lives where she lived from Detroit. She was a sych and made people better but maybe not. So what do I do now?

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